This Page contains our Terms of Service (TOS) Information & FAQs (below), concerning Privacy, Security, Guarantees, etc.


Shipping:                                                                                                                                   US Postal Media Mail may take up to a few days to over a week or so.  Even though US Postal Priority Mail is suppose to be faster than Media Mail on average, it may take longer in some cases, due to the Post Office’s service during that particular time, which is beyond our control, & we cannot make any guarantees of their delivery service times.  If you decide to use Priority Mail & pay the extra fee (we do not charge for Media Mail, lower US States, for orders on our website), please use Priority Mail with your own discretion.  We will however get your order out as soon as possible- in most cases the very next day (except Saturdays & Sundays due to limited Post Office hours or being closed in our area).  International Shipping by US Mail is $36.00 (or varies per country), also we will not falsify Customs documents, nor put “gift” on the forms.  International buyers are responsible for any extra fees or taxes they may charge in their country.

We believe privacy is important, we respect your privacy, and will never sell, nor give out your personal information that you provide, such as your name, address, email, and phone number.  We also will not send unsolicited emails to you, except updates, railroad news, an/or current promotions, from our E-Newsletters you may op-out of them at any time by contacting us).  Any 3rd Party Links/Websites, including PayPal, are not affiliated with us and our Terms Of Service. Their Terms Of Service, including Privacy Rules, may be different from ours, and we have no control over their Terms.  We may send periodic updates about new products as they become available, & an email catalog/product list.  With each purchase, we will send a catalog/product list by email, and a paper catalog along with your order.  We can stop any of these items being sent to you with your request at anytime.

Payments Accepted:
Payment accepted on our website is by PayPal only at this time.  Orders taken by email, paper mail, or phone can be paid for by sending Personal Checks, Money Orders, Bank Cashier’s Checks, or PayPal (you can use your credit/debit card through their service, where your personal information is safe through their Secure website).

*If paying by Personal Check, there may be a 5-10 day clearance period before item(s) is sent out to you.  (There will be a non-refundable surcharge fee of at least $35 per check that is returned by the bank due to insufficient funds.)

When paying by Personal Check, please provide your phone number.

100% Guarantee:
We want you to be happy with our products, so if there would ever be a defect, where a DVD or CD will not play properly in the proper player (it becomes pixilated, will not play- even if tested in different players, etc.), contact us within 30 days from purchase date, and we will send a replacement DVD or CD of the same title for free.  This may require the defective DVD or CD to be returned to us before-hand.  Please make sure to try the DVD/CD in a different player to be sure.  Please contact us first before mailing back defective product.


We are not responsible for use of any of these products in any way that they were not intended to be used for, including any injury, loss, damages, etc.  Usage is intended to be for non-commercial, personal home entertainment purposes only, & all Copyright Laws followed as per noted on each Video DVD & Audio CD (Copyright Laws state that it is illegal to copy, modify, public transmit, commercially rent for profit, without the written permission from 1-West Productions™ only.  1-West Productions™ owns all Copyrights to all Video DVDs & Audio CDs that we produce & carry, unless otherwise noted- such others noted that we carry, & are produced by other companies.  Those particular DVDs/CDs/Books noted have Copyrights owned by those particular producers/authors).

[Any of these Terms of Service may change per our discretion at any time.  Please double-check periodically for any updates.]


Question:  Can we stop at your actual store to purchase your products?

Answer:  Our products are only available to purchase through paper mail-order, our webstore, & trade shows.  Trade show appearances vary.  Sorry we do not have a brick & mortar store, but our webstore is open 24/7, we accept many forms of payment safely using PayPal, & by paper mail.

Q:  How long does it take for US Priority Mail compared to Media Mail for shipping of my order?

A:  We cannot guarantee the length of time it takes for products to be shipped by US Mail.  The US Post Office is suppose to deliver Priority faster than Media Mail, but sometimes it can be about equal, which depends on their service at the time, & we have no control over their service or service times.  We however will process your order asap, & get it to the Post Office asap, except on weekends or holidays when the US Post Office is closed.

Q:  Who owns the Copyrights and video/audio material that you produce &/or have available for purchase?

A:  We, 1-West Productions™ are the sole owners of the Copyrights & material that we produce & have available for purchase, unless otherwise noted, & have the original owners’ permission (such as Revelation Video products, which are owned by Revelation Video, that we sell only, with their permission).

Q:  How do I get my Coupon Codes?

A:  All Coupon Codes will show up on your Checkout Page once you place your order.  Directions will also be on that page as well.

Q:  What forms of payments do you accept?

A:  We accept all major credit & debit cards safely through PayPal (we do not collect your financial information nor card numbers, etc.), through our website cart & checkout .  We also accept personal checks & money orders when placing orders by mail.

Q:  How much is shipping?

A:  Your shipping will be calculated once you place your order, depending on your location.  All orders sent to the USA lower states has FREE shipping (US Media Mail with tracking).  Alaska & Hawaii orders are $10 per order.  Canadian orders by US Mail will be $20 per order, and other International Shipping by US Mail is $36.00 (or varies per country), also we will not falsify Customs documents, nor put “gift” on the forms.  International buyers are responsible for any extra fees or taxes they may charge in their country.

Q:  Are you Keith? (from our Keith’s Trains™ Series):

A:  No, we now own Keith Lehman’s Copyrights & Masters, and now produce and carry his original material.  All of his original titles are numbered the same as before, for easier searching.  The same great vintage to modern CR, NS, N&W, SOU, SP, UP, ATSF, Steam, Scenery, Museums, Freights, Diesel, MofW, Shortlines, VIA, Amtrak, etc., as before, approx. 2 hours long, & more.  We have changed some of the wording of the titles to better fit certain categories, etc.  We also have re-mastered versions as they become available.  Check back regularly.

Q:  Who’s material do you carry?

A:  Our own that we filmed and produce.  Also we now own Keith Lehman’s railroad material.

Q:  Do any of your videos contain narration?

A:  We narrate some in the beginning of our 1-West Featured Series™, and throughout different parts in our Keith’s Trains™ Series.

Q:  Which of your videos contain scenery, shortlines, etc. etc.

A:  Since we carry over 210+ titles, it would be best to go to our Search Page, and type in a description or title name to see what comes up.  Or you may visit our categories on the far left menu, or at the top of the page.  Or you may contact us for further assistance.

Q:  How long are your Railroad Video DVDs & Audio CDs?

A:  Our RR DVDs are mostly & approx. 2 hours long, unless otherwise noted.  Our RR Audio CDs vary as noted per CD.

Q:  What kind of deals do you have?

A:  We have our on-going 2 for $35, 3 for $53, or 4 for $70 RR Video DVDs Deals, & 2 for $20 RR Audio CDs Deals everyday.  Also now FREE SHIPPING (lower US States US Media Mail)!   You cannot go wrong with these Deals, everyday!

Q:  I want to be a dealer of your products.

A:  We accept dealers on a case by case basis, & cannot guarantee acceptance.  We will speak with you about dealer possibities, & go from there.  If accepted, dealers must adhere to dealer guidelines & terms that will be discussed with us.

Q:  Can/will you be at a train show in our area?

A:  Please check our Shows Page for details.  On average, we sell at local shows in the Ohio (& sometimes MI) area only.  No matter where you are located, you always have the option of ordering from us here on our Webstore, 24/7, at your leisure, paying safe with PayPal.

Q:  Why won’t my comments that I post on your website show up immediately?

A:  Because of spam being sent to us using our comments sections, & to help keep our website G-rated, all comments are reviewed & approved by us once we get to them (we have the right to approve/disapprove any comments to our discretion).  If you need to contact us, please do so on our Contact Page.

Q:  Can I purchase your whole catalog of DVDs, & with a large discount?

A:  Sorry, our videos are only available per item, or in certain combinations with our on-going deals & additional deals that we have at various times.  Please check back for our latest deals, & sign up for our E-Newsletter for even more savings.

Q:  I received my order, but the cases &/or DVDs arrived damaged/DVDs will not play in my player after trying other players.  How can you help me?

A:  We will replace any defective cases, DVDs, or CDs with the same titles as originally purchased for free, no shipping cost to you as well.  We may require the defectives to be sent back to us, but please contact us & we will help you.

Q:  I’d like to purchase your videos/cds, but I don’t trust shopping online.  What choices do I have & how safe is it?

A:  Many people these days shop online, & just about every business has the option of shopping at their webstore.  We have been in business online for almost 4 years now, and have always had shoppers make payments for their purchases by using PayPal, which is safe.  We do not store nor ask for any credit/debit card information (we ask for your name, phone number, & maniling address in order to process your order, but that information is jept provate, & we will not sell nor distribute your information to anyone).  If for some reason you still do not feel safe, you can always send your order & payment through paper mail to:  1-West Productions™ Railroad Video & Audio, PO Box 355, Clyde, OH 43410 (make your money order or check payment out to:  1-West Productions™, & there may be a waiting clearing period before your order is sent out).  Any questions, please contact us.

Thank You for your understanding, cooperation, & for your business as always.

(More Q & A’s to be added later)

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