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Why Should I Buy a Railroad Video DVD?

Photo of 1-West Productions™ Railroad DVD VideoSome people ask why they should purchase a railroad video DVD, when they can see some free material online on some websites.  Although there is free material out there, most material is not necessarily full-length, they are quick samples, they may disappear from the site, and one has to rely on the internet to see them.  Paying for the internet connection every month is also necessary to view those videos online.  When you purchase a video, you pay for it one time, and can view it many times over, after that initial purchase.

Having your own DVD in your own hands is different.  You can watch that video anytime in person, without having to rely on getting online to a certain website.  When that website or internet connection is down or slow, or that particular video is now missing, you then cannot view it.  Plus you can call that video yours to add to your collection or library, it was safely purchased legally through a valid company and store.  A lot of the personal videos posted online are not good quality, have been illegally obtained, shared, or copied.

Just like railroad books, magazines, etc., railroad videos make good go-to forms of information anytime for entertainment, research, and more.

Entertainment– just want to relax and watch some great train action on a video, watch certain equipment in action, certain locations, railroad names, time-frames, etc.  (Kids love them too- a great sitter while mom or dad is doing chores.)

Researchrailroad videos make great sources for historical, and modeling information for accuracy.  Not all books, websites, free videos online will have that certain thing you are looking for.

Preservation– what a great way to preserve constant-changing railroad paint schemes, names, equipment, locations, etc., for history, just like photography.

In-hand railroad audio CDs also make great sources for the railfan, Photo of 1-West Productions™ Railroad Audio CDshistorian, researcher, or the curious.  Sometimes just listening to the sounds of trains can conjure up terrifc visions in our imaginations.

Great reasons to go with an actual railroad video (and railroad audio CD) in-hand, vs. online videos.


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Vintage CSX- Chessie, SBD/ACL/SCL, L&N, CRR

Vintage CSX- remember the early days of CSX? One would see many colors of locomotives and freight names on freight cars that made up the new CSX at the time. Although the merger was approved in the early 1980s (which sparked the NS merger as an answer), it wasn’t until 1986 that CSX came into actual existence.

It still took years before CSX painted locomotives and freight cars. During the early merger, they had L&N (Louisville & Nashville), SBD (Seaboard System), SCL (Seaboard Coast Line), ACL (Atlantic Coast Line), CRR (Clinchfield Railroad), Chessie, B&O (Baltimore & Ohio), WM (Western Maryland), and C&O (Chesapeake & Ohio) equipment all over the system for years. To this day one can still see what’s left over of some of those roads.


What’s interesting is that railfans don’t go wild to take many photos and recording of the roads until a merger is announced, or has taken place. But some of us record what we can regardless. What we see today will not be there forever- things always change.
A lot of these predecessor CSX roads can be seen in action on Railroad DVDs, Keith’s Trains SeriesCSX, Chessie, C&O, L&N, SCL, ACL, SBD– that we own and have available for purchase.  See all of these roads in the late 80s and early 90s+, before CSX retired or painted over these paint schemes.

Remember, what may be “boring” today, may not be here tomorrow, or won’t still be here in the future, as changes are always being made in the railroad industry.

Happy railfanning!


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