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Summer Train Shows

Throughout the country, there are many train shows.  What about summer train shows?  We’ve noticed that in most other states, there are train shows all year, including in the summer.  In OH for some reason, there are very few.  Some people say it’s because everyone is out “doing their lawns & gardens”, & have no time to go to swap meets, or to mess around with their model trains.  However, regular flea markets are packed this time of year, & model trains isn’t a seasonal hobby for a lot of people.

We’ve always have gone to train shows any time of the year where available.  When it’s 80+ degrees outside, especially with high humidity, people usually go inside or somewhere that has central a/c.  So what better place than an air conditioned train flea market to escape to when the weather is hot.

Hobbiests who won’t make time for their hobby or shows, that’s fine. To us people who like going to summer train meets, & are active with the hobby all year, Ohio needs more active train flea markets in the summer, & should catch up with the rest of the country.






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