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CSX Railroad Latest News

What has CSX been up to recently and this past year?  We’ll discuss in this blog CSX’s Latest News.

Photo of CSX Locomotive, Richomnd, IN from 1-West Productions™

(Image of CSX at Richmond, IN 1990s)


CSX New Heritage Units:

CSX has been painting up their own version of Heritage units.  So far Chessie, Conrail, and others.  They are looking pretty sharp!


CSX Pan Am Southern Acquisition:

CSX sales were up about 21% this past quarter, and they continue with discussions to purchase Pan Am Railway.  The US Government wants CSX to allow Amtrak access to and from MA, by way of Pan Am.  Check back to our blog for more updates.

2/2021- Update 7/2021:
CSX Pan Am Southern Acquisition:

CSX & NS have worked out a deal to split Pan Am Southern, in order for both railroads to get another route into Boston, MA.   CSX stock still up.  Update:  As of 6/2021, STB rejected CSX’s plan to purchase Pan Am Southern, with Amtrak also protesting the take over- due to their concern of the aquisition negatively affecting Amtrak’s passenger service in the area.

CSX Pan Am Southern Acquisition:

CSX announced they will be moving to purchase Pan Am Southern, in order to get another route into Boston, MA.  NS had invested money into PAS, but declined to merge with them.  Time will tell what will come of this.

CSX Plans Ahead:

CSX continues to downgrade their Willard, OH Yard, and focus more on larger and more efficient yards.  One of those yards is North Baltimore Yard in OH.  They’re presently expanding and building more warehouses at that location, to expand business, after a hiatus for a few years.  CSX is still using mid-train helpers mainly on their stack trains, on their Willard Subdivision.  Recently, their traffic has been up a bit.  The economy and its woes will only tell if this will keep up.

Oil for CSX:

CSX has outbid NS with contracts for oil trains.  CSX will now gain all of NS’s oil trains.  NS will still be delivering ethanol however.  The oil market downfalls may be NS’s reason.

New for CSX in 2020:

CSX is planning to possibly sell off their portion of their Ft. Wayne Line/ Ft. Wayne Secondary Subdiv.  CSX owns the line from Crestline, OH to Ft. Wayne, IN, NS owns the line from Crestline through Pittsburgh, & CF&E leases the track on the CSX side.  This was the ex-PRR Ft. Wayne Line, later PC Ft. Wayne Division (Pittsburgh to Chicago Main Line), & CR Pittsburgh Division-Ft. Wayne Line.

Will CSX follow what NS is doing?  NS has been retiring and selling off a lot of their locomotives, and plan to possibly retire some trackage to cut costs. Usually NS waits to see what CSX does before they do the same.  In the meantime, CSX has been combining trains as before to cut back on crews.  CSX is also planning to expand their North Baltimore, OH facility, while working with BNSF.  It has seen better days, but they are trying it again, with expansion work- builing new large warehouses near the facility.  This is all part of the railroads putting more focus on intermodal service on their systems, since business has been down recently.

CSX Moving Along:

CSX has been updating rail lines, selling off lines that make less of a profit, moving all of their dispatchers once again to Jacksonville, FL (they did this before and had porr results- maybe it’s different this time around?), returning leased units, storing other locomotives and using less on trains to cut back on costs.  The are moving forward to a more profitable railroad such as NS.

CSX Stock Up:

As of June, CSX‘s stock has been going up. Looks like they are getting things back in order, implementing Harrison’s tactics.

CSX Back on Track:

After the passing of CSX’s CEO Harrison, Foote became CEO.  Things seem to be looking up with their shippers, and service is getting back to normal.  Could Harrison’s plans be working out?  The current board announced they are planning to contiunue with most of Harrison’s vision and ideas for the company.

CSX’s Harrison Passes:

CSX’s Hunter Harrison who was appointed earlier this year to help get CSX out of their troubles was first out on sick leave, then shortly after passed away this month.  Jim Foote was placed as acting CEO as a result.  CSX stocks have dropped after the passing of Harrison.  Meanwhile, NS’s stock has continued to increase.  Will the present changes continue with the passing of Harrison?  Most of the people on the board are ex-CN officers.  Time will tell onto 2018.

CSX Troubles:

CSX congestion problems across the system has come about due to changes made by CSX’s new leader Harrison.  Hump yards have been closed, lay offs, & other things have been put into effect this year to help cut operating costs.  As of 10/2017, things seem to be slowly getting better for shippers.

CSX Plant:

CSX has been investing more in their operating plant, rebuilding track, updating facilities, etc.

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