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Railroad Radio Frequencies

For the railfan, below are some Railroad Radio Frequencies for certain areas.  You will hear dispatchers, train crews, defect detectors, & more (for radio listening entertainment purposes).



161.250 MHz (road- ex-NKP-N&W)

160.440 (road & yard)

161.340 (hump)

160.620 (car shops)

160.665 (loco shops)

161.490 (MofW)

161.565 (yard)

161.190 (road ex-PRR-N&W)

As of 2017- 160.815   160.980 (road- ex-PC/CR Water Level)

161.070 ( Dearborb Div. road & yard- ex-PC/CR)

160.800 (road- ex-PC/CR Water Level)

160.380 (road- ex-W&LE-NKP-N&W Toledo Li ne)


160.230 (road- ex-B&O- C&O-PC/CR)

160.320 (road- ex C&O)

161.160 (yard)




(More to be added later.)



160.220 (road- ex-DT&I)



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Railroad Audio Recordings

There’s a form of recording trains besides by film- Railroad Audio Recordings.  For years Railroad Audio recordings have been a favorite of people who enjoy just listening to the sounds of trains passing by. They were introduced mainly on vinyl records, then to cassette tapes, and now on CDs.

Remember the old time radio shows that were popular back before TV? If not, that’s how Americans were entertained in their homes, besides the occasional trip to the movie theater. These were audio shows transmitted live over mainly AM radio stations that were usually on some kind of schedule. The shows were comedy, horror, drama. news-related, adventure, and more. When people listened to these shows, it made them use their imagination. sometimes that’s better than seeing the actual picture on screen. Nothing beats a picture on screen, but when our imagination is put to use, it can be a wondrous thing.

Train recordings have been around and produced since the 1940s and earlier. These were recordings of steam- powered trains. As diesels came into use on the railroads, more recordings were of diesel locomotives. As time went on, more powerful and improved diesel engines were manufactured, and recordings of these were also made.

Also as time went on, better audio recordings were made, with stereo and even panning effects. Panning is where one can literally hear something move from one speaker to the other, in at least a 2-speaker system. What a great affect for the listener of a railroad audio recording. That effect is produced with separate mics on separate channels, each facing direct opposite of each other, usually spread very far apart. Producers of audio recordings have been using that effect on Railroad Audio since at least the 1950s and 60s.

That’s how we recorded most of our vintage Norfolk Southern, N&W, and SOU Railroad Audio material in the 1980s and later.  You will hear that effect in most of our recordings that we offer.

Norfolk Southern 1980s Vol. 12 Audio is a good example, recorded in Ohio in 1987 (found HERE).

NS1980s- N&W Vol. 12 AUDIO CD 1-WP™

We all love our Railroad DVDs and video, but we also should love our Railroad Audio CDs to spice up our imaginations from time to time.  Enjoy!


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Penn Central, NYC, PRR, NH, & Conrail

The Penn Central, NYC, PRR, NH, & Conrail- one topic I’m really familiar with is the Penn Central Railroad. I’ve written extensively on this subject for some years, and even have another website dedicated to this railroad. Although there were many people who despised that railroad, it still played a very important part of keeping America’s economy flowing, regardless of its mis-haps. Those of us in the younger generations appreciate the PC for what it was, and the very wide range of modeling that can be done with it.

The PC was the joining of the New York Central, Pennsylvania, and later the New Haven Railroads. The NYC & PRR were joined in 1968, and the NH in 1969. The NYC and PRR were great competitors originally, with parallel routes. The NH was considered mostly a passenger road, with some TOFC trains, and the PC did not want to include them in their merger. However the ICC required them to take in the NH, if they wanted the ICC to approve the PC merger in the first place.

The new PC at the time seemed like it was going to work in the beginning, then hard times came. Unfortunately many factors happened, which caused the merger to fail in 1970. Factors were corrupt management, investments spread too wide, government regulations on rates that the railroad was allowed to charge to its customers, competition with trucks and air, deferred maintenance of facilities, tracks, and equipment, weather-related catastrophes (hurricanes, floods, severe winters, etc.), lack of freight cars, locomotives, and cabooses, parallel routes, and the government not allowing the railroads to abandon older secondary routes not needed by the railroads throughout the country.

Many would say that the PC was the only railroad merger in the States to have paralleled routes that failed or plagued with problems, and the only railroad to have dirty and run-down equipment, loosing money everyday, bad track, and corruption. But history and many good sources say that was not the case. Many US railroad mergers and companies, especially in the Midwest and East were in the same trouble. In fact, the ONLY Class 1 railroad that had fewer problems, especially during this time was the Santa Fe. Also the only merger that actually worked with fewer problems was the NS merger between the N&W and SOU later in the 1980s!

Finally the government had to step in to help, or an economic catastrophe was on the way. Conrail was formed and took over the PC, EL, RDG, LV, & CNJ- all that were in the same situations as the PC. CR grew a profit in the 1980s, and was taken over by NS & CSX in the late 1990s.

The PC is a favorite to many in modeling, studying, photo collecting, and more.  They had many paint scheme variations, colors, equipment types, unique colors, great facilties, yards, and more.  The PC was not a separate company that came and took over the NYC, PRR, and NH- they were simply the combining of these roads, just under a new name. And some say the PC lived on even under CR, since most of CR’s operations, tracks, equipment, personnel were PC. These days the PC is getting more difficult to see, as equipment is being replaced, things changed, etc. May the PC live on!

DVDs to check out:

-You can see some history about the PC on Revelation’s Penn Central DVD HERE.  Just one of many PC DVDs out there that has material the others do not have.

-Also a DVD about the NYC (by Revelation) HERE

-Many great DVDs with CONRAIL can be found in Keith’s Trains Series™ HERE


(Sources one should read that backup these facts are:  Wreck Of The Penn Central, Merging Lines, Penn Central Power, just to name a few!)

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Railroad DVDs, Audio, & Railfanning

Welcome to our Railroad DVD and Audio Website, from 1-West Productions™!  Many of us, whether in the Railfan hobby, into preserving history, present/ex-railroaders, or just interested in watching trains, have a collection of railroad DVDs and/or audio of some kind.  Everyone has their favorite railroad- from the West, Midwest, and to the East, usually that stuck with us from where we grew up at.  So we’ll discuss Railroad DVDs, Audio, & Railfanning in this blog.

What’s a great way to keep those memories alive?  In the form of DVDs and audio.  Although the type of material may be the same from all producers as “trains”, not all titles or DVDs/CDs are the same.  There are different locations, trains, locomotives, the era they were filmed in, etc.

There are some people who don’t understand Railfanning, or the practice of recording, watching, or an interest trains.  We in the hobby have an interest in and do this, because over time things change.  Locomotive models, paint schemes, railroad companies, equipment, facilities, areas, and even the people change over time, along with the rest of history.  It’s really no different from classic cars, sports, movies, TV shows, etc.  They too change, and people are interested in the old times related to those subjects.  We also take interest in this because it’s neat to look at- massive equipment that halls tons of goods across thousands of miles, and is also an important backbone of any country’s economy and existence.  Again, no different from other interests that people have-  there are watchers and fanatics of birds, planes, ships, race cars, and more, just trains are our thing.  Doesn’t matter though, because we enjoy what we do- and that’s what counts!  All who agree, feel free to post below.

We at 1-West Productions have been filming trains since the 1980s to present.  We have Vintage to Modern Titles available at our Webstore, covering railroads of Conrail, N&W, SOU, NS, CSX, Chessie, L&N, SBD, Amtrak, Via, GT, CN, CP, UP, BNSF, BN, ATSF, Steam, Shortlines, and more.  Not one DVD is the same.  Check us out, and add our titles to your collection.  Or if you are new to Railroad DVDs and Audio, what a great way to start- with us!  We are a genuine company, care about our customers, have a 100% Guarantee on our products from defects, we accept different forms of payment, such as money orders/checks by regular mail, and credit/debit cards, safely through PayPal.  Also a FREE product list is shipped with every purchase, we have fast order processing and shipping, we respect your Privacy, shopping on our Website is safe, and you can sign up for a FREE email Newsletter to keep you up to date on new products coming out, here on our Website: WWW.1WESTPRODUCTIONS.COM

Keep checking back here on our Blog, for more updates, news, posts, and great information.

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