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Filmographers (1-West Productions™)


Here we discuss various filmographers who filmed various Railroad Video DVDs and Audio CDs, that we own and have available for purchase on our 1-West Productions™ website.

Keith Lehman
Keith is originally from the East-Central IN area, surrounded by many railroad lines where he grew up.  He watched the PRR, N&W, and Penn Central, then later filmed Conrail, NS, and CSX.  He worked as a paper salesman, then became a conductor for CSX in the early 2000s.  He has filmed trains since the mid-late 1980s.  Very knowledgeable about railroad history, Keith has surrounded himself with railroading most of his life.  He has filmed in CO, OH, IN, TN, PA, NY, FL, GA, MO, Canada, and more.   He retired from railroading and selling his videos, but we now own his works and have them available for purchase.  Catch his filmography in our Keith’s Trains Series™ of videos #1 – #210.

R. Kuhn
Mr. Kuhn has filmed trains for many years.  From West-Central OH,    he has traveled to many places to film, and has a lot of knowledge about railroads.  He has filmed major railroads to shortlines, in locations of OH, IN, WS, IL, etc.  He has filmed railroads such as CR, N&W, NS, CSX, ICG, WC, CC, IHB, CN, CP, BN, BNSF, ATSF, steam, and many more.  We purchased his works to add to our available collection from the 1990s-mid 2000s.  You can purchase his works in our Keith’s Trains Series™ Railroad Videos.

R. Jordan
The late Mr. Jordan was originally from Bellevue, OH, and was surrounded by trains most of his life.  He had uncles, cousins (who worked at NKP’s roundhouse in Bellevue Yard for example), friends, and neighbors, who also worked for the NKP.   He also worked for the NKP and N&W from 1962-1966, as a Mechanical Engineer, first located at NKP’s Cleveland Terminal office in Tower City-Cleveland, OH, then was transferred to their Bellevue Terminal.  While with the NKP, he was in charge of many projects, including the installation of ramps for loading semi trailers.  These ramps were placed at sidings near Whirlpool in Clyde, using old NKP flat cars without the truck wheels assemblies.  At the NKP Bellevue Terminal (then N&W Bellevue Terminal after the NKP-N&W 1964 merger), he was involved with survey work and other projects, then later for N&W’s New Yard expansion project, starting in 1965.  There he, along with another surveryor, surveyed the areas for the new hump, bowl yard, new towers, the locomotive pit, car shops, New Yard, B Yard, dormitory/cafeteria, the water tower placement, etc.   In 1966, the N&W wanted to transfer him to VA, but he instead worked for Whirlpool, where he  was involved with expansion projects at the Clyde, OH plant.

He was also one of the very earliest members of the Bellevue Mad River Society (formed around 1971-72) and later Museum (formed in 1975).  He and his parents knew Gene Leonard for many years prior (Gene was Bellevue’s local pharmacy store owner), who was the original person with the idea of starting a railroad museum in Bellevue in the late 1960s, after Gene started the Bellevue Heritage Museum.   Gene spoke with Mr. Jordan and Tom Lowrey about forming a railroad museum before the Society was officially formed.  Mr. Jordan was also a private railcar owner and part business owner (Golden Age Rail Equip., with B. Feuhring and M. Meecham- business now defunct).  He and his father photographed trains in the 1950s.  He later filmed some trains in the 1960s, starting with 8mm, to Super 8mm, then to video tape in the 1980s (by then mostly N&W, NS, and steam excursions).  He was a “walking encyclopedia” of railroads during his lifetime.  See his filmography in our Norfolk Southern 1980s and 1990s videos in our 1-West Productions™ Featured Series railroad videos.

P. Jordan
Mr. Jordan began photographing and filming trains in the 1980s, with R. Jordan.  He filmed mostly N&W and NS, then later to other railroads.  Today he films in various areas, mostly in OH.  He also edits  and prepares video for our line of products.  He studies, researches, and archives railroad history to help add to his meticulous filmography techniques of railroads.  Most of his filmograpahy can be seen in our 1-West Productions™ Featured Series.  He has also recorded railroad sounds to tape and digital from the 1980s to today.  He mostly uses panning stereo effects to help make the recordings as real as possible.  Recording audio is another way for preserving railroad action.

More Videographers will be added in the future to our catalog of Railroad Videos and Audio Projects and Products.

Railroad history from different eras are saved in time through filmographers and audio recorders.  They help preserve railroad history for us railfans, historians, modelers, and anyone interested in railroads.  As time goes on, things change, and those changes can be time-lined and preserved through film, video, and audio.  Search for your railroad video and audio needs on our website.  You may find exactly what you are looking for, or find a new interest to add to or to start your collection today.






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