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Photo of 1-West Productions™ Railroad Audio CDs

We’ve added more RAILROAD AUDIO CD Titles to our Product Line. The Series is called NORFOLK SOUTHERN-N&W 1980s AUDIO ™, Volumes 1 – 12. All CDs contain vintage NS in operation, starting in Winter of 1986.

Listen to older EMD units: SD45s, SD40-2s, SD40s, GP30s, GP35s, GP40s, GP38s, GP38-2s, SD9s, GP9s, etc.; GEs: C30-9s, U33Bs, etc., & 1 S-switcher ALCO (TLE&W). Run-through freights, switching, locals, & more were recorded near the Bellevue, Clyde, & Flat Rock, OH areas, with 1 recording near NE Grand Rapids, OH of the TLE&W.

Volumes 1-4 were recorded in Mono, & the volumes after were recorded in Hi-Fidelity/Stereo/Panning Stereo. Minutes of each Volume vary from 18 minutes to over an hour.

Photo of NORFOLK SOUTHERN-N&W 1980s, VOL. 1 AUDIO ™, from 1-West Productions ™ Front Cover
Example of 1 of our RAILROAD AUDIO CDs now available for purchase.

We also have a few new MODERN RAILROAD AUDIO CDs also available.

Additional Audio CDs that we now carry include RAILROAD SCANNER RADIO AUDIO, with vintage 1980s Conrail, NS-N&W, & CSX-Chessie. Listen to dispatchers, crews, shops, trains, & more. We will have modern railroad scanner radio audio available as well. Keep checking back.

Videos are great, but also so are AUDIO CDs, where you can listen & use your imagination for imaging- a totally different experience.

Each Volume has a description of each Audio Track on the back cover, with photos of actual trains that were recorded at the time.


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New Railroad Audio CD (1-West Productions™): Modern Railroad Sounds with Norfolk Southern (2010s+) ™

We’ve released from our Audio Department a long-overdue audio CD of modern railroad sounds, called Modern Railroad Sounds with Norfolk Southern (2010s+) ™. We presently have vintage railroad audio CDs available, however a glimpse of modern railroad action sounds also sparks some people’s interests.

This album consists of NS in action on their Districts of Toledo (ex-NKP W&LE Dist.-Toledo Div./N&W Pittsburgh Div.-Toledo Dist.), & Fostoria (ex-NKP Dist.-Ft. Wayne Div.), & Chicago Line (ex-LS&MS/NYC Toledo Div./PC Toledo Div./CR Dearborn Div.-Chicago Line). We recorded at towns of Clyde, Danbury, Oil Station, & Fostoria, OH in 2018-2020. Most are recorded in stereo, some in mono and hi-fidelity.

We were trackside capturing sounds, and also recorded distant ambient and background audio. Also some nearby recordings of idling NS GEs. One of the trackside run-through trains at Clyde was pulled with 2 BNSF wide cab units.

Locomotives that we were able to record the information on during trackside recordings were: NS 7100 series EMD GP60s, NS 4116 EMD GP38AC (ex-N&W), NS 9861 GE 9-44CW, NS 9719 GE 9-44CW , NS 7673 GE ES44DC, NS 9264 GE 9-44CW, NS 9427 GE 9-44CW, BNSF 5753 GE ES44AC, BNSF 7575 GE ES44DC, NS 3659 GE ET44AC, NS 1002 EMD SD70ACe, & NS 3645 GE ET44AC.

Railroad videos are a great way to watch vintage to modern action, but railroad audio sounds can give us a different perspective & allow our imagination capture the image and action. Look for more new titles here on our website to be released in the near future.

For a few of our Railroad Audio Album Samples, please click on our Soundcloud Page and YouTube Page.  For more of our Modern and Vintage Audio Recording Albums, including Vintage Railroad Scanner Radio Recording Albums, please visit here.





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Railroad DVDs, Audio, & Railfanning

Welcome to our Railroad DVD and Audio Website, from 1-West Productions™!  Many of us, whether in the Railfan hobby, into preserving history, present/ex-railroaders, or just interested in watching trains, have a collection of railroad DVDs and/or audio of some kind.  Everyone has their favorite railroad- from the West, Midwest, and to the East, usually that stuck with us from where we grew up at.  So we’ll discuss Railroad DVDs, Audio, & Railfanning in this blog.

What’s a great way to keep those memories alive?  In the form of DVDs and audio.  Although the type of material may be the same from all producers as “trains”, not all titles or DVDs/CDs are the same.  There are different locations, trains, locomotives, the era they were filmed in, etc.

There are some people who don’t understand Railfanning, or the practice of recording, watching, or an interest trains.  We in the hobby have an interest in and do this, because over time things change.  Locomotive models, paint schemes, railroad companies, equipment, facilities, areas, and even the people change over time, along with the rest of history.  It’s really no different from classic cars, sports, movies, TV shows, etc.  They too change, and people are interested in the old times related to those subjects.  We also take interest in this because it’s neat to look at- massive equipment that halls tons of goods across thousands of miles, and is also an important backbone of any country’s economy and existence.  Again, no different from other interests that people have-  there are watchers and fanatics of birds, planes, ships, race cars, and more, just trains are our thing.  Doesn’t matter though, because we enjoy what we do- and that’s what counts!  All who agree, feel free to post below.

We at 1-West Productions have been filming trains since the 1980s to present.  We have Vintage to Modern Titles available at our Webstore, covering railroads of Conrail, N&W, SOU, NS, CSX, Chessie, L&N, SBD, Amtrak, Via, GT, CN, CP, UP, BNSF, BN, ATSF, Steam, Shortlines, and more.  Not one DVD is the same.  Check us out, and add our titles to your collection.  Or if you are new to Railroad DVDs and Audio, what a great way to start- with us!  We are a genuine company, care about our customers, have a 100% Guarantee on our products from defects, we accept different forms of payment, such as money orders/checks by regular mail, and credit/debit cards, safely through PayPal.  Also a FREE product list is shipped with every purchase, we have fast order processing and shipping, we respect your Privacy, shopping on our Website is safe, and you can sign up for a FREE email Newsletter to keep you up to date on new products coming out, here on our Website: WWW.1WESTPRODUCTIONS.COM

Keep checking back here on our Blog, for more updates, news, posts, and great information.

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