This page will take you to our RAILROAD GROUP FORUMS (from 1-West productions ™), found on our FB page (see below).

Photo of CSX’s Willard Subdiv. in Fostoria, OH-1-West Productions’ CSX Willard Subdivision Railfanning Forum (FB), with photo by & © Copyrighted 2021,1-West Productions/PJ.

We have our own Railroad Groups / Forums, where members can join for free, and receive updated info on current Railroad railfan type information. See present and past train information, including photos, trainspotting, and more. Members are allowed to post and contribute any railroad-related information.

Our Railroad Groups/Forums can be found at the following links (please submit a request to join, in order to participate, and to see the posts of great information shared in our Groups on Facebook):

Railroad Discussions Group (1-West Productions™ Group) (This is one of our first and original discussions Group that includes anything railroad-related, from modern to vintage, free to join.)

NS Sandusky District (Railfanning) (In this other Group of ours, we discuss anything related today and from the past to NS’s Sandusky District line, free to join.)

NS Fostoria District (Railfanning) (Here we discuss anything related to NS’s Fostoria Dist. from past to present, also free to join.)

NS Toledo District (Railfanning) (Also join this Group to see all about NS’s Toledo Dist. from today and the past, free to join.)

NS Chicago Line (Railfanning) (NS’s great ex-LS&MS/NYC/PC/CR line discussions from the past and present, free membership.)

CSX Willard Subdivision (Railfanning) (CSX fans and the like will enjoy discussions about this CSX line from the past to present, join for free.)

Penn Central Railroad Discussions Group (1-West Productions™ Group) (PC fans will appreciate this Group, with history, photos, modeling info, and more- free to join.)

Conrail Fans (1WP) (CR Fans will enjoy this group where members can join for free to discuss and share CR photos, video clips, and information).

We appreciate your interest and support, and for spreading the word. As more members join, more discussions will appear. We will also contribute as we can.

© 2021 1-West Productions™

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