Keith’s Trains Series™ Railroad DVD Title #66 BNSF AT GALESBURG, IL, VOL. 3, 1998 (1-West Productions™)


JUNE 1998,  watch BN SD9’s in both Low and High Hood and with/without Dynamic Brakes, switching and making up Trains in a Modern yards.  We see the Nebraska Zephyr back out of the Diesel Shop Track and then head North for Chicago.  The Galesburg Hub with Containers/trailers…


Keith’s Trains Series™ (from the camera of Keith Lehman, a RR Series from 1-West Productions™), Title #66 BNSF AT GALESBURG, IL, VOL. 3, 1998:  We continue from a road bridge, and see at the CB&Q/BN/BNSF yard BN SD9s in low and high hood versions, with and without dynamic brakes, switching and making up trains. We also see the Nebraska Zephyr back out of a diesel shop track, and head north to Chicago. See the Galesburg Hub with trailers stacked and setting off in the distance. Also see two new SD75MACs delivered on the GT/CN train to the diesel shop. Also several trains arrive and depart, while the switching continues. A lot of switching and modern motive power. 6/98

NEW in slim DVD case, a Series from 1-WEST PRODUCTIONS™.  Approx. 120 Mins,  SD 4×3, All Color Video to Digital DVD,  Orig. Sound, Some Narration &/or Captions.  (Note- The DVD Case Title Cover shown is an updated version that this Series now carries, however some shipments may have the older Title Covers until that stock is sold out, and then replenished with the newer version.   However this does not affect the DVD content. )


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