Keith’s Trains Series™ Railroad DVD Title #64 BNSF AT GALESBURG, IL, 1998, VOL.1 (1-West Productions™)


Shot at Pearl & Lincoln Streets-BN/ATSF over-under pass. Broad Street ATSF Depot, pacing along US 34, North of Galesburg and West of Galesburg at Cameron, IL., where the ATSF passes over the BN.  All now BNSF.  We see new EMD SD75MAC’s being delivered and on trains, and more.

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Keith’s Trains Series™ (from the camera of Keith Lehman, a RR Series from 1-West Productions™), Title #64 BNSF AT GALESBURG, IL, 1998, VOL.1:  Note- this tile is no longer available, but has been remastered and is now available as:  BNSF (WITH AMTRAK) AT GALESBURG, IL, (1998) VOL. 1 ™ (1-West Productions™).  All ex-ATSF, now becoming BNSF, see all early BNSF with lightly marked & new BNSF paint on many units. Some BN, ATSF, Warbonnet units, as BNSF is new. Also some new EMDs, GEs, SD75MACs, & some lease units, C44-9s, & more, 6/98

NEW in slim DVD case, a Series from 1-WEST PRODUCTIONS™.  Approx. 120 Mins,  SD 4×3, All Color Video to Digital DVD,  Orig. Sound, Some Narration &/or Captions.  (Note- The DVD Case Title Cover shown is an updated version that this Series now carries, however some shipments may have the older Title Covers until that stock is sold out, and then replenished with the newer version.   However this does not affect the DVD content. )


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