Keith’s Trains Series™Railroad DVD Title #61 TENNESSEE VALLEY CHATTANOOGA, TN STEAM VOL. 2 1997 (1-West Productions™)


Featuring #1829 GP7L on switcher trucks on the Downtown Arrow train ride to the Chattanooga Choo Choo & return to Grand Junction.  We pass through Missionary Ridge Tunnel, then E. Chattanooga, then we get on the NS Belt Line for the trip to Downtown Chattanooga, and more.


Keith’s Trains Series™ (From the camera of Keith Lehman) Railroad DVD Title #61 TENNESSEE VALLEY CHATTANOOGA, TN STEAM VOL. 2 1997:  This video features the TN Valley Railroad in Chattanooga, TN, with the downtown Arrow GP7L #1829, and a trip to the Chattanooga Choo Choo, and return to Grand Junction. Along the way we travel TVRR through Missionary Ridge Tunnel, to East Chattanooga, and then we get on the NS Belt line for the trip to downtown Chattanooga, passing over CT Jct. As we leave downtown, we pass over a chipped out piece of rail, and narrowly miss a car that would not stop for our train. We continue back to E. Chattanooga, through the Missionary Ridge Tunnel, and arrive back at Grand Jct. depot. We also see several arrivals and departures of #610 2-8-0 and the train, and show NC&StL wood caboose. #610 arrives on time in a severe thunderstorm. 6/97

NEW in slim DVD case, a Series from 1-WEST PRODUCTIONS™.  Approx. 120 Mins,  SD 4×3, All Color Video to Digital DVD,  Orig. Sound, Some Narration &/or Captions.  (Note- The DVD Case Title Cover shown is an updated version that this Series now carries, however some shipments may have the older Title Covers until that stock is sold out, and then replenished with the newer version.   However this does not affect the DVD content. )


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