Keith’s Trains Series™, #69 CONRAIL IU TOWER & UNION STATION, INDIANAPOLIS, IN, 1998 (1-West Productions™)


Shows CR Diesels, runby of NKP Steam #587, CR Transfers, Mainline Freights, and the latest EMD SD70MAC’s, SD80MAC’s.  A couple of CSX 8-40CW’s turn on the Wye.  With the Indy Skyline & IU Tower in the background.  Aug. 1998.


Keith’s Trains Series™ (from the camera of Keith Lehman, a RR Series from 1-West Productions™), Title #69 CONRAIL IU TOWER & UNION STATION, INDIANAPOLIS, IN, 1998:  We see NKP 587 steam excursion past IU Tower & Union Station, some CR transfers, new SD70MACs & SD80MACs, some CSX GEs on the wye, it’s still CR, not quite yet CSX territory.

NEW in slim DVD case, a Series from 1-WEST PRODUCTIONS™.  Approx. 120 Mins,  Standard 4×3, All Color Video to DVD,  Orig. Sound, Some Narration &/or Captions.  (Note- The DVD Case Title Cover shown is an updated version that this Series now carries, however some shipments may have the older Title Covers until that stock is sold out, and then replenished with the newer version.   However this does not affect the DVD content. )


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