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This page shows a list of new Railroad DVD & Audio releases, from 1-West Productions™.  For more railroad DVDs, please use the menus across the top or sides of this page.


2017 NEW Releases:
CSX EARLY YEARS (1988-1993)™, VOl. 1 (1-West Productions™):

For May 2017 release date, we bring you vintage CSX action filmed in  IN & OH.  Taken from the camera of Keith Lehman, see locations of Richmond, Losantville, Economy, & others, where we show you CSX Local action, including a cab ride from Losantville to Richmond, on the ex-C&O Cinci to Chicago Line.  Also see action in Hamilton, OH, on the ex-B&O Toledo/Cinci Terminal Subs.  See plenty of early mixed CSX colors of L&N, Chessie, SCL, Seabard System, Family Lines, B&O, etc.  Also we see Chessie cabooses, C&O depot in Richmond, switching, run-through freights, & more.  Continue to Vol. 2 once it arrives.

Video tape to digital video, 4×3 anamorphic (will fit to wide screen on your TV), original all-color & sound, edited, with captions, credits, menus, approx. 2 hours worth of material, produced by 1-West Productions™, © Copyright 1988-1993, 2017 1-West Productions™/P.Jordan.  Click here for more indformation


Photo of NS Chicago Line/ex-Water Level Rt. in OH Video Cover from 1-West Productions™

This is our most recent new video release of January 2017.  Filmed in 2015, see the continuation of NS in this series, here in Part 2, in a more modern look, on the ex-NYC/PC Water Level-Lake Div./CR Dearborn Div., now NS’s Chicago Line, Dearborn Division.  We see a part of the Ohio section of this line, which is west of Sandusky, OH.  Once part of the Lake Shore & MI Southern RR, & built in the 1800s, today it serves as one of NS’s important busy routes, as it also did for the NYC (1800s-1968), Penn Central (1968-1976), & Conrail (1976-1999).  During the Conrail breakup of 1999, NS obtained ownership of the line from Cleveland/Berea, OH & west to Chicago, IL.  CSX obtained ownership from Cleveland/Berea & east to NY.  See many types of freights- mix, TOFC, stack, oil, & coal, a lot of action, NS, BNSF, UP, CN, & CP units, & modern & fallen flag freight equipment. For information and to purchase, click here.

All-Color, Orig. Dolby Sound, 16×9 Format Anamorphic (will also fill the screen for 4×3), On-Screen Graphics Text Information, Digital Video to Digital DVD, SD, Approx. 120 Mins.  Produced by 1-WEST PRODUCTIONS™.  (DVD & DVD cover content © Copyright 2015, 2017 1-West Productions™, for home-use only.)

CONRAIL REMEMBERED™, VOL. 1 (1-West Productions™):

Image of CR REmembered™ from 1-West Productions™

Our first 2017 and newest Railroad Video DVD release is CONRAIL REMEMBERED™, VOL. 1.  We have used Conrail material from camera of Keith Lehman, with a clip from R. Jordan, combined into a single 2-hour DVD.  We show mainly locations in East-Central Indiana, with a clip in Ohio.  See different types of freights on CR’s ex-PRR/PC Richmond Line that was then sold to the N&W, but still had local traffic rights, and on their Bee Line (ex-NYC/PC) Indianapolis Line, & a short clip on CR’s Water Level ex-NYC/PC line near Sandusky, OH.  See also some action in their Big 4 Avon Yard in Indianapolis, IN.  For more in-depth information, click HERE.  Many shots of older generation EMDs & GEs, cabooses, fallen flag freight cars, run-through power, and more.   Continue to Vol. 2 in our CONRAIL REMEMBERED™ series, only from 1-West Productions™. All-color, SD, 4×3, original sound, menus, video tape to digital video, captions, © Copyright 1988, 1989, 2016, 2017 1-West Productions™/P.J.

2016 New Releases:

NORFOLK SOUTHERN 1990s, PART 2™ (1-West Productions™):

Photo of NS 1990s Part 2 DVD cover from 1-West Productions™

Our newest release in September 2016, this video continues with more of NS freight and N&W J-611 & 1218 steam action in the surrounding Bellevue, OH areas, on NS’s Ft. Wayne, Pittsburgh, & Scioto Divisions.  See fallen flag freight cars, older standard cab units, C&NW run-through power, older track layouts, & more.  Also catch some of the newer Wheeling Regional RR.  NS continued to thrive during the ’90s era, & into the future. Same all-color, original sound, 74 mins.  of material, with part narration, 4×3 SD format, DVD menus, captions, & previews.   Professionally produced, from 1-West Productions™.  Collect all videos in this and our other Series for your collection.  More information can be found HERE.

NORFOLK SOUTHERN 1990s, PART I™ (1-West Productions™):

Photo of NS 1990s PART 1 Video 1-West Productions™Our latest release in June 2016, this is the start of our NS 1990s era Series, from our 1-West Productions™ Featured Series.  See NS during the ’90s, continuing as a prosperous railroad, with more standard can NS, N&W, & SOU locomotives, more fallen flag RR equipment, deadlines, steam excursions, the birth of the newer Wheeling & Lake Erie Regional RR, the new Triple Crown, run-through locos, & more.  If you like NS in the 80s, you will love it in the 90s!  Same all-color, original sound, 2 hours worth of material, part narration, 4×3 SD format, professionally produced, from 1-West Productions™.  Collect all videos in this and our other Series for your collection.  More information can be found HERE.

NORFOLK SOUTHERN 1980s, PART 15 & 16, OHIO LINES™ (1-West Productions™):

Photo of NS 1980s OH Lines™ PT 15 & 16, from 1-West Productions™

Our latest release of Feb./March 2016:  This concludes our NS 1980s Series in 1989, showing more of NS operations in the 1980s.  See also N&W J-611 Steam, more great NS freight action with N&W, NS, & SOU units, N&W cabooses, fallen flag railroad names n trains, CNW GEs & an EMD unit, & more.  Shown near the Toledo, Fremont, Clyde, Bellevue, & Norwalk, OH areas.  HERE is a more in-depth description.  Continue to our new NS 1990s Series in the near future.

NORFOLK SOUTHERN 1980s, PART 9 & 10, OHIO LINES™ (1-West Productions™):

Image of NS 1980s Part 9 & 10 OH Lines™ DVD Cover from 1-West Productions™

An October 2015 New Release, we continue in our NS 1980s Series showing NS evolving in the late 1980s era.  See N&W & SOU units, including a tuscan N&W GE, fallen flag freight cars,  a few passenger train trips with NKP 765 steam & NS TC-10 rebuilt unit.  Areas inclyude the Bellevue, Clyde, & Sandusky, OH areas.  Cabooses can still be seen on trains also.  Collect all Parts in this series for your collection of early NS, N&W, & SOU 1980s material.  Read more HERE.




Image of Norfolk Southern's Chicago Line/Ex-Water Level Route In Ohio™ Railroad DVD- 1-West Productions™ DVD coverA Railroad DVD on modern NS, we film in Ohio a section of this famous ex-NYC/PC/CR line, showing many types of freights, locomotives, fallen flag freight equipment, & more.  See also BNSF, UP, CN, CP, & the NKP Heritage unit run through on this line.

Produced by & available for purchase from 1-West Productions™, contains all color, digital video to digital DVD, SD, 16×9 Widescreen Anamorphic (can also be viewed on 4×3 screens), Stereo & original sound, screen captions, scene transitions, disc menus, approx. 120 mins., & professionally produced & edited. 2014 & 2015.

To read more about, & to purchase this Railroad DVD, click HERE.


NORFOLK SOUTHERN 1980s, PART 7 & 8, Ohio Lines™ (1-West Productions™):

zzzv=Photo of NORFOLK SOUTHERN 1980s, Ohio Lines™, PART 7 & 8 Railroad DVD

(       Part 7 DVD                        is now…………….                 PART 7 & 8, combined into 1 DVD of approx. 120 mins. of material.)

Part 7 & 8 in this Series continues from Part 6, with more early NS freight action, showing fallen flag freight equipment, older N&W, SOU, & NS locomotives, a locomotive and caboose deadline, older yard shots, the N&W 1218 & NKP 765 steam engines, and more.  Produced by & available for purchase from 1-West Productions™, contains all color, video to digital DVD, Stereo & original sound, part narration, screen captions, scene transitions, disc menus, approx. 120 mins., & professionally produced & edited.

To read more about, & to purchase this Railroad DVD, click HERE.

A Press Release of this DVD has been published in Railfan Magazine™ (as PART 7 version), from Whitewater Publishing, in their June 2015 Issue (a sample of this will be provided soon).

NORFOLK SOUTHERN- N&W 1980s, Vol. 11 AUDIO CD (1-West Productions™):


Image of Norfolk Southern- N&W1980s Vol 11 audio CD cover

We listen to NS on the move in 1987 around the Bellevue, OH area.  Hear older GE & EMD units pulling various freights in the area.  Audio recordings give a while different perspective for the listener.  This is audio only, no video, CD format.  Approx. 45 Mins. of original material, in true stereo.  Click HERE for more information.


2014-2015 Release:
CSX On The Double Big Four & ex-EL™ (1-West Productions™):


CSX Double Big Four & Ex-EL™ Railroad DVD

Modern CSX filmed around Galion & Marion, OH.  See a lot of freight action with today’s locomtives of CSX & even some NS & run-through units of BNSF, KCS, UP, lease, etc..  Click here for more information & to purchase this great RR DVD.  2014 & 2015.  Approx. 103 mins.  This DVD was featured in Railfan Magazine in 2015, by White River Productions.




© Copyright 2015 1-West Productions™/PJ

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