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Deshler, Ohio Railroad Railfan Hot Spot CSX © Copyright 2022 1-West Productions™/PJ
Deshler, Ohio Railroad Railfan Hot Spot CSX © Copyright 2022 1-West Productions™/PJ

Deshler, Ohio Railroad Hot Spot

Another great spot for train action is Deshler, OH. This famous railroad hot spot has been a favorite for railfans for decades. Located in downtown Deshler, OH, presently CSX‘s Toledo, Garrett, and Willard Subdivisions come together there, all lines being ex-B&O. Also the ex-depot and tower still stands, although not sure forhow long. One of the better locations to film and take photos is at the railroad park, located on the south side of the CSX Garrett/Willard Subdivision tracks, near W. Mulberry St.  As of 2022, all of the ex-B&O target signals have been replaced with the newer style. 



CSX‘s Toledo Sub, is part of CSX’s Division. Once the B&O, it goes from Toledo to Cincinnati, OH (at Hamilton it is shared by NS, in order for NS to continue on their New Castle District, and turns into CSX’s Sub. into Cinci.). CSX as of 2019 runs mostly locals and auto racks on this line.

CSX SB Deshler, OH © Copyright 2022 1-West Productions™/PJ


CSX Railroad SB Deshler, OH CSX Toledo Subdiv. © Copyright 2022 1-West Productions™/PJ



CSX‘s Willard Sub. goes from Willard to Deshler, OH. This is part of the ex-B&O that runs between Baltimore, MD and Chicago, IL. This line has more traffic, with coal, coke, TOFC, stack, mix, and auto rack trains. At Deshler, it crosses their Toledo Sub., where it then turns into CSX‘s Garrett Sub. on the west side of the diamond.



CSX‘s Garrett Sub. starts on at the west side of the Toledo Sub. Diamond, and goes to Garrett, IN, where it turns into CSX’s Sub., and to Chicago, IL.


Our videos show great CSX footage in Deshler, OH.  Take a look at our Deshler, OH Railroad Videos, with a lot of great vintage to modern action at this location:

DESHLER, OHIO DIAMOND ACTION WITH CSX (2000)™, Vol.1 (1-West Productions™)
Keith’s Trains Series™ Railroad DVD Title #95 CSX JUNCTION DESHLER, OH 2006/2007 (1-West Productions™)
-Keith’s Trains Series™ Railroad DVD Title #142 VARIOUS FREIGHTS IN NORTHWEST OHIO, IN, & IL (1-West Productions™)
-Keith’s Trains Series™ Railroad DVD Title #148 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF OHIO & INDIANA VOL. 3 (1-West Productions™)
-Keith’s Trains Series™ Railroad DVD Title #171 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF OHIO & INDIANA 2005 VOL. 13 (1-West Productions™)
-Other CSX Videos can be found here.


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© Copyright 2019-2022 1-West Productions™/PJ.

RAILROAD GROUP FORUMS (from 1-West productions™)

We now have our own Railroad Group Forums, where members can join for free, and get updated info on current Railroad information. See present and past train information, including photos, and more. Members are allowed to post and contribute any railroad-related information.

Our Railroad Groups/Forums can be found at the following links (please submit a request to join, in order to participate, and to see the posts of great information shared in our Groups on Facebook):

Photo of sunset near NS's Toledo District in OH-1-West Productions' NS Toledo District railfanning Forum (FB), with photo by & © Copyrighted 2021,1-West Productions/PJ.

Railroad Discussions Group (1-West Productions™ Group) (This is one of our first and original discussions Group that includes anything railroad-related, from modern to vintage.)

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We appreciate your interest and support, and for spreading the word. As more members join, more discussions will appear. We will also contribute as we can.

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Berea, Ohio Interlocking- Conrail, Penn Central, New York Central- now Norfolk Southern & CSX

Berea, Ohio Interlocking, or BE Tower- has always been a busy spot for railroad traffic.  Originally part of the Lake Shore Michigan Southern (LS&MS), Big Four, and Cleveland Union Terminal (CUT), then to New York Central (NYC), and Penn Central (PC- 1968), Conrail (CR- 1976), then to Norfolk Southern (NS) and CSX (1998-99).

To this day BE Tower is still a busy place.  The tower is no longer used today, but still stands.  The original CUT/NYC Depot still stands as well, across the Short Line track along Railroad St.  This place is a great spot for railfanning.

The lines running through BE are now NS’s Dearborn Division-Chicago Line (west of Cleveland, OH- ex-LS&MS/NYC Water Level/PC Buffalo-Chicago Line-Lake/Toledo Div./Conrail Dearborn Div.-Chicago Line), and CSX’s Chicago Line (east of Cleveland, OH), Short Line (NYC/PC/CUT Branch- Cleveland Short Line Branch/Conrail Short Line) and Indianapolis Line (PC Columbus-St. Louis Line, Columbus Div./CR Indianapolis Div. and Line).  The W&LE regional railroad also runs a few trains through here.   All of the lines actually run at a SW to NE direction at BE Tower, then west and east, and north and south.

The Chicago Line (NS side) runs west to Toledo, OH and Chicago, IL, and the east side (CSX) runs to Buffalo, and Albany, NY.  The Short Line starts at BE Tower, and runs to Short, Parma, orig. to the Flats, White, Collinwood Yard, then to Alliance, and Pittsburgh, PA.  The Indianapolis Line runs south to Galion, OH where it branches off to Columbus, OH, and splits west to Marion, OH, Indianapolis, IN,  and St. Louis, MO.

Below is a map of BE Interlocking duinrg Conrail days:

Photo of Berea, OH Interlocking Map by 1-West Productions™/PJ

(map by 1-West Productions™/P. Jordan)

One can see many freight types of stack, TOFC, auto rack, coal, locals, and more.  Also Amtrak runs trains 29, 30, 48, 49.  Most if not all of the original NYC/PC/CR signals have been taken down and updated to modern signals by NS & CSX.  CSX also double-tracked the ex-CR Short Line after the Conrail split between NS in 1998-99.  Over 100 trains a day pass through BE, with NS having the most traffic. Railroad scanner frequencies in use today are:  NS- 161.070, 160.980, 160.350 MHz, and CSX-160.800, 160.485, 160.860 MHz.

Our new video BEREA, OHIO INTERLOCKING WITH CONRAIL & AMTRAK, 1996™shows BE during Conrail in 1996.  At that time BE tower was still in use, and many freights, including Amtrak, were filmed on all the lines at this location.  This video, originally filmed by Keith Lehman, was orignally our Keith’s Trains Series™ #50 title, which was remastered and updated to our new title. 


© 2018 1-West Productions™/PJ



Vintage CSX- Chessie, SBD/ACL/SCL, L&N, CRR

Vintage CSX- remember the early days of CSX? One would see many colors of locomotives and freight names on freight cars that made up the new CSX at the time. Although the merger was approved in the early 1980s (which sparked the NS merger as an answer), it wasn’t until 1986 that CSX came into actual existence.

It still took years before CSX painted locomotives and freight cars. During the early merger, they had L&N (Louisville & Nashville), SBD (Seaboard System), SCL (Seaboard Coast Line), ACL (Atlantic Coast Line), CRR (Clinchfield Railroad), Chessie, B&O (Baltimore & Ohio), WM (Western Maryland), and C&O (Chesapeake & Ohio) equipment all over the system for years. To this day one can still see what’s left over of some of those roads.


What’s interesting is that railfans don’t go wild to take many photos and recording of the roads until a merger is announced, or has taken place. But some of us record what we can regardless. What we see today will not be there forever- things always change.
A lot of these predecessor CSX roads can be seen in action on Railroad DVDs, Keith’s Trains SeriesCSX, Chessie, C&O, L&N, SCL, ACL, SBD– that we own and have available for purchase.  See all of these roads in the late 80s and early 90s+, before CSX retired or painted over these paint schemes.

Remember, what may be “boring” today, may not be here tomorrow, or won’t still be here in the future, as changes are always being made in the railroad industry.

Happy railfanning!


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