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The following are approx. 120 mins. (unless otherwise noted), all-color, orig. Dolby stereo sound, VHS to SD DVD, 4×3 format, edited, some narration, screen captions, menus, previews, (© Copyrighted Material 2014, 2015 1-West Productions™/PJ for non-commercial home use only.)- $20 EA or 2 for $35 / 3 for $53 / 4 for $70:

NEWWINTON PLACE ACTION WITH CSX, NS, CONRAIL, & I&O (1998)™ :  We have remastered Title #67 from our original Keith’s Trains Series™, with content of CSX, NS, CR, & I&O action at Winton Place-Cincinnati, OH from 1998.   Taken from the camera of Keith Lehman, we show constant freight action of run-throughs, locals, older EMD & GE equipment of the time, on NS’s New Castle ex-PRR District, & CSX’s Cinci Union Terminal Sub.  See mix, COFC/TOFC, coal, Triple Crown, & more  (approx 1 hr 30 mins).  $20 EA or 2 for $35 / 3 for $53 / 4 for $70

NEW-CONRAIL REMEMBERED™, VOL. 1 :  Start the first in our CONRAIL Featured Series, with great classic CR action i the late 1980s, in IN and OH.  See older types of locomotives, cabooses, CR Indiapolis Bee Line, ex-Richmond Line, locals, various types of freights, & more.  From the camera of Keith Lehman & R. Jordan.  Continue to Vol. 2 for more great CR action.   1988, 1989 (approx 120 mins).  $20 EA or 2 for $35 / 3 for $53 / 4 for $70

NEW-CONRAIL REMEMBERED™, VOL. 2:  Continuation of Conrail Rememebered™ Series, with more mix, TOFC, rail, & local freight action.  See also UP. MP, & ATSF power, in Indiana towns of Muncie, Selma, Union City, Winchester, etc.  Action is on CR’s Indianapolis Div, & ex-PRR/PC Richmond Br. -now NS New Castle Dist.  From the camera of K. Lehman.  Continue to Vol. 3 for more great CR action.   1989, 1990, 2017 (approx 120 mins).  $20 EA or 2 for $35 / 3 for $53 / 4 for $70

NORFOLK SOUTHERN 1980s PART 1 & 2, OH Lines™Start the 1st in this Series with PART 1,  showing the early years of NS with fallen flag freight equipment, N&W and SOU locos, and more.  Then we go to PART 2,  showing  more of the early stages of the N&W and SOU combination, showing cabooses, older layouts, locations, and more that has changed over time.  1986.  $20 EA or 2 for $35 / 3 for $53 / 4 for $70

NORFOLK SOUTHERN 1980s PART 3 & 4, OH Lines™:   In PART 3, we see more of the early years of NS, filmed around the Bellevue, OH Terminal area. Older locos in NS paint, some still in N&W and SOU, mix of freight train types, and more.  Then to PART 4 we see times sure have changed since then in the area. No graffiti on cars, still a few cabooses, lots of fallen flag freight cars, SD9 action before the rebuilds and more.  1986.  $20 EA or 2 for $35 / 3 for $53 / 4 for $70

NORFOLK SOUTHERN 1980s PART 5 & 6, OH Lines™:   In PART 5, see standard cab locomotive galore, freight cars do not have NS applied quite yet, before the CSX name was seen on the rails, lots of vintage 1980s. A caboose deadline is shown.  Next in PART 6, we see more SD9 action before the rebuilding, a privately-owned caboose is saved from scrap. Lots of freight action around the Bellevue, OH area again.  1986-87.  $20 EA or 2 for $35 / 3 for $53 / 4 for $70

NORFOLK SOUTHERN 1980s PART 7 & 8, OH Lines:  We see a locomotive & caboose deadline in the old East Yards, old facilities,  more vintage 80s freights, N&W 1218 & NKP 765 steam action, early NS locomotives, & more;  1987 (120 mins).  $20 EA or 2 for $35 / 3 for $53 / 4 for $70

NORFOLK SOUTHERN 1980s PART 9 & 10, OH Lines:  See a continuation of NS evolving in the late 1980s, with more N&W & SOU locomotives, some cabooses, passenger trips with NKP 765 steam & NS TC10 unit, locations on several divisions in the Bellevue, Clyde, & Sandusky , OH areas, & more.  1987, 1988 (120 mins).  $20 EA or 2 for $35 / 3 for $53 / 4 for $70

NORFOLK SOUTHERN 1980s PART 11 & 12, OH Lines:  See more of NS evolving in the late 1980s, with more N&W,  SOU, & NS standard cab locomotives, some cabooses, passenger trips with NKP 765 steam, 2 NS GEs, & N&W 1218 steam, action on several divisions in the Belleuve, OH areas, an ex-NJI&I/WAB/Indiana Northern NW-2 switcher in operation, & more.  1988 (120 mins).  $20 EA or 2 for $35 / 3 for $53 / 4 for $70

NORFOLK SOUTHERN 1980s PART 13 & 14, OH Lines:  NS evolves in late 1988 & 1989, with more N&W cabooses, N&W,  SOU, & NS standard cab locomotives, a Guilford run-through locomotive, passenger trips with N&W J-611 steam, fallen flag freight equipment of other roads, & more.  Action is filmed on the Pittsburgh, Scioto, & Ft. Wayne Divisions around the Clyde & Bellevue, OH areas.  Also see a glimpse of Conrail near Sandusky.    1988, 1989, (120 mins).  $20 EA or 2 for $35 / 3 for $53 / 4 for $70

NORFOLK SOUTHERN 1980s PART 15 & 16, OH Lines:   Filmed in 1989, we conclude our NS 1980s Series, showing more of NS’s operations around the Bellevue, Clyde, Norwalk, Fremont, & Toledo, Ohio areas.  See the N&W J-611 pulling passenger excursions & coal trains, more NS, N&W, SOU standard cab GE & EMD units, run-through CNW new GE power, fallen flag railroad names on freight trains, track & facility arrangements that have since changed, N&W cabooses, an N&W hi-railer, & more.  Divisions include Ft. Wayne, Scioto, & Pittsburgh.   1988, 1989, (120 mins).  $20 EA or 2 for $35 / 3 for $53 / 4 for $70

NEW!: -NORFOLK SOUTHERN 1990s PART 1™:                                    This is the beginning of our NS 1990s Series, starting in 1990.  This series shows NS during it’s profitable years in the ’90s era, from where we left off in 1989.  Filmed in Ohio, most things have not change this early in the era, such as standard cab NS, N&W, & SOU locomotives, fallen flag names on freight cars, older style signals, track layouts, & more.  See also an NS deadline of GP30s, SD35s, N&W 1218 steam excusrion footage including a train ride near and through Fremont & Clyde, OH,  many freights, & more.  etc.  We also see the birth of the newer Wheeling & Lake Erie RR with their first trains near Bellevue, OH on the now ex-NS Pittsb. Div., east of town.  Also see footage of NS’s new Triple Crown movements & facility at Bellevue.  Divisions include Ft. Wayne, Scioto, & Pittsburgh.   1990, (120 mins).  $20 EA or 2 for $35 / 3 for $53 / 4 for $70:

NEW!: -NORFOLK SOUTHERN 1990s PART 2™:                                    Continue with Part 2, showing more of NS during the 1990s.  This segment covers 1990, 1991, 1992, & 1994, in the Bellevue, OH surrounding areas.  See NS Divisions Scioto, Fort Wayne, & Pittsburgh.  By this time NS had introduced its stack trains, and cabooses were not as plentiful.  See also NS mix, COFC, TOFC, & coal trains, including passenger train footage of N&W 1218 & J-611 steam.  The newer Wheeling was also captured on video, with NS standard cab older EMD & GE units, C&NW run-through power, & more.  1990, (approx. 74 mins).  $20 EA or 2 for $35 / 3 for $53 / 4 for $70

-NEW!: -CSX EARLY YEARS (1988-1993)™, Vol 1.:  See early CSX action with run-through freights at Hamilton, OH, on the ex-B&O Louisville Div.-Toledo/Cinci Term. Sub., local action on the ex-C&O Cinci Div.-Miami Sub/Richmond Branch, cabooses, SBD, SCL, L&N, Chessie, B&O, Family Lines locomotives, fallen flag freight cars, & more.  Also take a cab ride on the ex-C&O line from Losantville to Richmond, IN.  From the camera of K. Lehman.  Continue to Vol. 2 for more great early CSX action!  1988-1993, (approx. 120 mins.)  $20 EA or 2 for $35 / 3 for $53 / 4 for $70

-NEW!: -CSX EARLY YEARS (1993-1999)™, Vol 2.:  See more early CSX action with run-through & local freights at Hamilton, OH, on the ex-B&O Louisville Div.-Toledo/Cinci Term. Sub., rail train & removal of part of the ex-C&O Cinci Div.-Miami Sub/Richmond Branch in Muncie, Richmond, & Williamsburg, IN.  Also see SBD, L&N, Chessie, B&O, Family Lines locomotives, fallen flag freight cars, older standard cab units, & more.  This video ends with new CSX action on the newly-aquired Indianapolis Line from CR, after the CR split with NS.   More great early CSX action from the camera of K. Lehman.  1993-1999, (approx. 120 mins.)  $20 EA or 2 for $35 / 3 for $53 / 4 for $70

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The following are approx. 120 mins. (unless otherwise noted), all-color, orig. Dolby stereo sound, SD Digital to Digital DVD 16×8 wide screen anamorphic format (can also be played on 4×3 screens), edited, with screen captions, menus, & previews, (© Copyrighted Material 2014-2017 1-West Productions™/PJ for non-commercial home use only.)- $20 EA or 2 for $35 / 3 for $53 / 4 for $70:

CSX & NS DIAMOND ACTION-FOSTORIA, OHIO™:  See modern action of CSX & NS at hot spot Fostoria, OH & the Iron Triangle.  CSX’s ex-C&O Pemberville & ex-B&O Fostoria/Willard Subs, & NS’s ex-NKP/N&W Fostoria District are seen in this video.  See mix, work trains, TOFC, stack, oil, UP & BNSF run-through power, standard and wide cabs, CSX cabooses, & more.  Also shots of NS Blair & CSX Fostoria Yards. (Approx. 120 mins.)  $20 EA or 2 for $35 / 3 for $53 / 4 for $70

CSX ON THE DOUBLE BIG 4 & Ex-EL™: Join us as we see many CSX freight types running on the ex-Big 4 Lines and ex-EL Lines around Galion and Marion, OH in 2014 & 2015. Also see run-through power of UP, KCS, Lease, BNSF, etc.  Also see stacks, gons, oil, mix, garbage, coke, grain, and some NS as well.  (Approx. 103 mins.)  $20 EA or 2 for $35 / 3 for $53 / 4 for $70

NORFOLK SOUTHERN’S CHICAGO LINE/EX-WATER LEVEL ROUTE IN OHIO™:  See NS operate in a modern fashion on this ex-NYC/PC/CR Line.  See many freight types, units, fallen flag freight cars, in towns of Sandusky, Vermillion, Gypsum, & more.  (Approx. 120 mins.)  $20 EA or 2 for $35 / 3 for $53 / 4 for $70

NEW-NORFOLK SOUTHERN’S CHICAGO LINE/EX-WATER LEVEL ROUTE IN OHIO™ PART 2 :   Filmed in 2015, see the continuation of NS in this series, in Part 2, on the ex-NYC/PC Water Level-Lake Div./CR Dearborn Div., now NS’s Chicago Line, Dearborn Division.  We see a part of the Ohio section of this line, which is west of Sandusky, OH.  See many types of freights- mix, TOFC, stack, oil, & coal, a lot of action, NS, BNSF, UP, CN, & CP units, & modern & fallen flag freight equipment.   (Approx. 120 mins.) $20 EA or 2 for $35 / 3 for $53 / 4 for $70

NEW NORFOLK SOUTHERN’S CHICAGO LINE/EX-WATER LEVEL ROUTE IN OHIO™ PART 3This is a continuation from Part 2, filmed also in 2015.  See more constant mix, auto rack, oil, coal, TOFC, & stack freight action, with an NS Executive Train suprise.  Also see the N&W & CR Heritage units, fallen flag names on cars, modern & rebuilt EMD & GE locos, & run-through power of BNSF, UP, DME, ICE, CN, CP, & more.  (Approx. 120 mins.) $20 EA or 2 for $35 / 3 for $53 / 4 for $70.

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DVD SERIES NOW OWNED & CARRIED ONLY BY 1-WEST PROUCTIONS™:  –KEITH’S TRAINS SERIES™ (from the camera of Keith Lehman)  TITLES #1 – #210, with VINTAGE to MODERN MATERIAL (see titles for era):

1-West Productions™ now owns the original masters, catalog/list, & Copyrights for the content of our Keith’s Trains Series™ Railroad DVDs, & the same titles are now available on our Webstore, through mail-order, & at trade shows.  These titles have been updated with new DVD covers, etc.  The following are approx. 120 mins. (unless otherwised noted), all-color, orig. sound, VHS to SD DVD, 4×3 format, (© Copyright 2014-2017 1-West Productions™/PJ for non-commercial home use only.)

ALL DVD titles in the Keith’s Trains Series™ below are $20 EA or 2 for $35 / 3 for $53 / 4 for $70: (S=denotes Steam included, C=Cab ride included as marked)

#1 CONRAIL, NS, CSX EAST CENTRAL IN (& HAMILTON, OH)- LATE 80s VOL. 1See old C&O, PRR, & NYC depots, old C&O yards, NS switching, Triple Crowns, & CR, NS, & CSX freights, in Muncie & Richmond, IN & Hamilton, OH, 7/88 & 3/89,  approx. 114 mins.,  (remastered).

S#2 CONRAIL, NS, CSX EAST CENTRAL IN (& HAMILTON, OH)- LATE 80s (With N&W 611 Steam) VOL. 2: More freights of CR, NS, & CSX, & N&W J 611 steam, ex-PRR Geneva-Berne, IN bridge, depots, etc.- Portland, Ridgeville, Richmond, IN & Hamilton, OH, 10/88 & 3/89, approx. 110 mins., (remastered).

#3 CONRAIL, NS, CSX EAST CENTRAL IN (& HAMILTON, OH)- LATE 80s VOL. 3: See these freights in IN towns such as Muncie, Richmond, Union City, Losantville, Winchester, & Pendleton, some ATSF, UP, MP, N&W, & SOU units, cabooses, Triple Crowns, & other freights, 3 & 5/89, approx. 114 mins.,  (remastered).

S#4 CONRAIL, NS, CSX EAST CENTRAL IN- (WITH NKP 587 N&W 611 STEAM) LATE 80s VOL. 4: See steam NKP 587 & N&W 611 double-headed & various freights in cities like Muncie, Richmond, Hartford City, & Indianapolis. See CR Avon Yard, Triple Crowns, 6 & 7/89, approx. 118 mins.,  (remastered).

S#5 CONRAIL, NS, CSX EAST CENTRAL IN- (WITH NKP 587 STEAM) LATE 80s VOL. 5: See freights, NKP 587 steam idling, a caboose ride on Carthage, Knightstown, & Shirley RR, ex-NYC tracks, GE 44-tonner, CSX unloads pipe. At Richmond, Muncie, Union City, Portland, IN, & Hamilton, OH, 7 & 12/89, approx. 116 mins.,  (remastered).

#6 CONRAIL & NS EAST CENTRAL IN LATE 80s- EARLY 1990 VOL. 6: Closeout year 1989 & into 1990, & see CR & NS freights, with snow scenes, in towns as Muncie, Richmond, & Selma, IN.   Also ex-PC/NYC Union Station & demolition by CR,  see a CR local, UP units, Sperry Rail Car, Triple Crowns, & more.  12/89 & 4/90, approx. 102 mins.,  (remastered).

#7 CONRAIL, NS, CSX EAST CENTRAL IN (& HAMILTON, OH)- EARLY 90s VOL. 1: See in East Central IN and SW OH various freights beginning in the 90s, ex-PC/PRR Richmond, IN Yards, IN Hi-Rail ALCO C420, Triple Crowns, Rail Train, Muncie, New Castle, Union City, Bluffton, Winchester, IN & Hamilton, OH, 4 & 7/90, approx. 103 mins. (remastered).

#8 CONRAIL & NS EAST CENTRAL IN- EARLY 90s VOL. 2: Freights in IN towns of Muncie, Union City, Richmond, Winchester, New Castle, & Millville- Triple Crown, ATSF EMD, N&W, UP, GT locos, 7 & 11/90.

#9 CONRAIL & NS EAST CENTRAL IN- EARLY 90s VOL. 3: See Triple Crown & other freights in East Central IN once again- Muncie, Winchester, Millville, New Castle, Richmond, Springport, Albany, Connersville, IN, with T-10 Fed DOT Inspection Car, a CSX slug, Amtrak Connersville Station, some snow scenes, 11/90 & 2/91.

#10 CONRAIL, NS, CSX EAST CENTRAL IN- EARLY 90s VOL. 4: Similar towns of East Central IN, including Oakville, Daleville, & Redkey, with some snow scenes, NS Mid train Grain, Sperry Car, a CR grain shove, a GT GP38-2, ex PRR cabin on CR Local, 1 & 5/91.

#11 CONRAIL & NS EAST CENTRAL IN (& Campbellstown, OH)- EARLY 90s VOL. 5: We see an NS rail train, UP SD60s, NS RP slug, Triple Crown, coal, grain, TOFCs, etc., Muncie, Millville, Parker City, Farmland, Union City, Cowan, IN & Campbellstown, OH, 5/91.

S#12 CONRAIL & NS EAST CENTRAL IN- (WITH NKP 587 STEAM) EARLY 90s VOL. 6: NKP 587 Steam Special 069 Frankfort to Muncie & return, with wye footage, CR & NS freights, KCS units, SP tunnel unit, DRGW unit, CR Quality GEs, work & ballast train- Muncie, New Castle, Millville, Richmond, Hagerstown, IN, 5 & 10/91.

#13 CONRAIL & NS EAST CENTRAL IN- EARLY 90s VOL. 7: Triple Crown with GP50s, GP40xs, CR TTV600 stack, SP GP60s, NS GP59, CR Desert Storm SD50, NS mid train helpers, 7 & 8/91.

C/S#14 CAB RIDE CSX LOSANTVILLE-RICHMOND, IN SOU 4501 STEAM, WITH CR & NS IN FREIGHTS 90s: Cab ride on CSX 6049 & Chessie 6510 on ex-C&O now gone, SOU 4501 Steam Special 060, CR & NS freights, ex-NKP/N&W caboose- locations: Richmond, Millville, Springport, Muncie, New Castle, Parker City, IN, 9 & 10/91.

C#15 CAB RIDE CSX RICHMOND, IN-FERNALD, OH 90s:  Cab ride on CSX 4618 & slug 2264, switching IN & OH, Okeanna High & Elkhorn Trestles, 9/91.

#16 CONRAIL, NS, CSX EAST CENTRAL IN (& SIDNEY, OH) EARLY 90s VOL. 8:  CR Quality GEs, UP units, Triple Crown, loading of ex-NKP/N&W caboose, 10/91 & 12/92.

#17 CONRAIL & NS EAST CENTRAL IN EARLY 90s VOL. 9:  Freights at Muncie, Hagerstown, Richmond, CR train goes into emergency, M&W model RR at train show, 2 & 3/92.

#18 CONRAIL & NS EAST CENTRAL IN EARLY 90s VOL. 10:  Lots of freights, some with UP & GT units, Triple Crowns, sulphur train, CR high-wide train, 3 & 7/92.

S#19 CONRAIL & NS (WITH N&W 611 STEAM) EAST CENTRAL IN EARLY 90s VOL. 11:  A lot of freights, some ATSF Warbonnets, UP units, CR 6707 Yellow ribbon unit, Triple Crowns, CR & NS Schnabel car, N&W 611 Steam 061, 6/92.

#20 CONRAIL & NS MUNCIE, IN 1992:  Many freights in Muncie at the CR/NS crossing, Triple crowns, CR, NS, UP, BN, Amtrak P30 units, & more, 7 & 8/92.

#21 CONRAIL & NS FREIGHTS FROM IN TO OH:  Lots of freights on CR & NS. NS GP59 Operation Lifesaver, UP, ATSF units, Triple Crown, 6/92; 9 & 11/93.

#22 CONRAIL & NS EAST CENTRAL IN EARLY 90s VOL. 12Freights in several towns in East Central IN, Triple Crowns, Schnabel Car, LORAM ballast cleaner, AS RY GP9, new CR SD60Ms, 10/92 & 2/93.

#23 CONRAIL & NS EAST CENTRAL IN EARLY 90s VOL. 13:               Ft. Wayne, Richmond, Winchester, Muncie, Millville, IN, sulphur train, Triple Crowns, Feb. snow storm, Mail 44, CR GP30s, Sperry Rail, burro crane, 12/92 & 3/93.

#24: CONRAIL, NS, CSX, EAST-CENTRAL IN, & C&O LINE REMOVAL, EARLY 90s, VOL. 14: Freights such as CR Mail 44, INPI, Triple Crowns, CSX rail removal of ex-C&O Cinci-Chicago Line, 4& 5/93.

#25 CONRAIL, NS, CSX, EAST-CENTRAL IN, & C&O LINE REMOVAL, EARLY 90s, VOL. 15: Triple Crowns & many other freights in IN, CSX/RF&P more of ex-C&O Cinci-Chicago Line rail removal with CSX rail train D020 to finish removal, 4 & 5/93.

#26 CONRAIL, NS, CSX, EAST-CENTRAL IN, & C&O LINE REMOVAL, EARLY 90s, VOL. 16: More freights in this section of IN, some ATSF Warbonnets, new CR SD60Ms, Triple Crowns, end of track of ex-C&O Cinci-Chicago Line at Richmond, 5/93 & 6/94.

#27 CONRAIL & NS EAST CENTRAL IN EARLY 90s VOL. 17:       Many freights shot in Muncie, Richmond, Farmland, Portland, Winchester, New Castle. New CR SD60Ms, CR Yellow Ribbon SD50, 6706. NS Local switches & track improvements, 6/93.

S#28 NICKEL PLATE GLORY EAST CENTRAL IN, NKP 587 & 765 (WITH CR & NS ACTION):  Steam Special 060, Muncie, Tipton, Michigan City Line. Also some CR & NS freights in Argos, New Castle, Muncie, Knox, IN, 7/93.

#29 ALL CONRAIL 1990s: Catch some Amtrak & lots of CR at Horseshoe Curve, Altoona, Juniata Shops in PA, & at Muncie & Winchester, IN. Ex-NYC cab on CR Local, 8/93.

#30 CONRAIL & NS EAST CENTRAL IN EARLY 90s (WITH MONON F’s) VOL. 18: See Monon FP7 & F7 on train at IN State Fair, lots of freights at Muncie, Ft. Wayne, Winchester, & Richmond areas, filmed 8 & 9/93.

#31 CSX/NS JUNCTION HAMILTON, OH EARLY 90s: See CSX & NS freights at this junction, CSX running parallel, NS stacks & Triple Crowns, some B&O and L&N power, CSX slug, SOU GP35s, WILD 101 Local w/ caboose, & GT power, 11/93 & 2/94.

#32 CONRAIL, NS & CSX EAST CENTRAL IN (& HAMILTON, OH) EARLY 90s VOL. 19: See many freights in Muncie, Richmond, Winchester, Terre Haute, IN & Hamilton, OH, with BN, GT, ATSF, UP units, NS SD70s, Triple Crowns, Halle Tower, 12/93 & 2/94.

#33 CONRAIL RAIL REMOVAL OF BRADFORD, OH – REDKEY, IN LINE, 1994: We show CR taking up the ex-PRR Logan Side-Panhandle Line with rail train, with 5572 & SD40-2. Get aboard 5572 for interior shots, small town shots along the way of CR work. Some freights at Union City depot- inspection & mail train with some others, 5/94.

#34 CONRAIL & NS MUNCIE, IN 1994: See lots of freights with some locals, Triple Crowns, old & new power from both roads, NS GP59 Operation Lifesaver, GT & WC units, 6 & 7/94.

#35 CONRAIL, GT/CN, & NS, SOUTH BEND BUSY JUNCTION & MUNCIE, IN, MID 90s: Here at a busy junction we see a variety of freights from CR & GT/CN, including locals., different locomotives, also see some NS. Filmed 3/95.

#36 A DAY WITH NORFOLK SOUTHERN EAST YARD MUNCIE, IN, 1990s: We see on this video all NS shot from NS’s East Yard in Muncie, with lots of through and local freights, switching, new and older units, some SP power, see the yard tracks, including wye track.

#37 CONRAIL & NS IN OH & IN, MofW NS CLEANUP, & CR TRACKWORK, 1995: NS aftermath of 24 car derailment at Camden, OH, NS wreck train, ballast spreading, & test train. Also see CR replacing ties at Winchester & Farmland, IN.

#38 A DAY WITH CSX GARRETT, IN 1995: We spend a day here near the Amtrak shelter/e-B&O depot in July 1995 filming of CSX freights, with a Chessie caboose 903039, some switching, local, ex-B&O buildings, Garrett RR Museum, etc.

#39 THREE HOTSPOTS-MI & IN, VIA/AMT, CSX, GT/CN, CR, SOO/CP, 1995: See many freights in East Lansing, Durand, MI, & Butler, IN. Some CR, GT, CN, CSX, CP, SOO, Lease Units- GATX, MPI, MKCX, EMD, TRONA RY units, AMT/VIA trains, GTW K-4 Pacific on display.

S#40 AMTRAK IL TO IN TRIP, WITH LIGHT ACTION MUNCIE, IN, & PM 1226 STEAM, 1995: See Triple Crown & CR units at Muncie, IN, Chicago Union Station, & Amtrak Train ride from Chicago to Monon & Indianapolis, IN on Hoosier State Train 318- AMT switchers, equip., etc. along the way. Pere Marquette 1225 steam at Owosso, MI.

S#41- FAN TRIP AT STEAMTOWN WITH LACKAWANA 1661/MILW 261 STEAM; WHITEWATER VALLEY RR ‘90s: Fan trip Scranton, PA to Binghamton, NY. DLW C425, NYSW GPs, & C430, SOO SDs, CP SDs, & MTW C424. Steam 261 & 1661 action. WVT RR Connersville, IN to Metamora behind Lima switcher, horse towed canal boat, & more.

S#42 STEAM TRAIN RIDE STEAMTOWN PA 1995: We take a steam trip from Scranton to Moscow, PA & back, with CP 2317 4-6-2 Pacific, then switching of 2317, train action, also see DLW C425 Alco.

S#43 CONRAIL & NS IN INDIANA & TOUR OF STEAMTOWN PA: Start with a tour of Steamtown in PA, Rutland cab., NKP 759 steam, Lima engine, CN 3254 2-8-2 steam, CN 2317 switching, SOO 519, UP Big Boy, B&M 4-6-2, buildings, & more. Then CR & NS action in IN, Triple Crown Yard Ft. Wayne & Decatur, CR local, & more, 8/95.

C#44 INDIANA HI-RAIL CAB RIDE INDIANNA 1995 VOL. 1: Cab ride on IHRC from Connersville to New Castle, IN, on IHRC ex-ATSF 344, switching cars, CSX interchange, scrap yd., on ex-NYC & ex-NKP Connersville Br., through Milton & Cambridge City, & New Libson, IN, etc.

C#45 INDIANA HI-RAIL CAB RIDE IN & OH 1995 VOL. 2: We continue where Vol. 1 left off, at New Castle, Rushville side, Connersville Branch, more switching & picking up of cars for Ford, New Libson, Cambridge City, all courtesy of IHRC, 7/95.

C#46 INDIANA HI-RAIL LOCAL CAB RIDE IN & OH 1995 VOL. 1: Take a ride on an IHRC Local & switching with IHRC ALCO C420 365 & GP35 371, on ex-NKP Cloverleaf, see two NS freights, Bluffton, IN area, 10/95.

C#47 INDIANA HI-RAIL LOCAL CAB RIDE IN & OH 1995 VOL. 2: We get another cab ride on IHRC 365 from Craigsville, IN to Delphos, OH, passing through Decatur, IN & Ohio City, Pleasant Mills, & Willshire, OH, Some problems with track vandals along the way on the ex-NKP Cloverleaf, some switching., 10/95.

C#48 INDIANA HI-RAIL LOCAL CAB RIDE IN & OH 1995 VOL. 3: We continue with the cab ride in Vol. 2, to Delphos, OH, do some switching back West and East again for more train work. All 3 Volumes courtesy of IHRC, 10/95.

#49 FOSTORIA, OH, C&O/B&O/CSX/NS JCT TRAIN HOTSPOT 1996: Spend a day at a famous hotspot- Fostoria, OH, see many freights of CSX & NS, Locals, slugs, wyes, old and new power of the time, & showing of original signs on NKP & B&O bridges over RT23.

#50 CONRAIL/AMTRAK -BEREA INTERLOCKING OHIO MARCH 1996: Mainline trains through the area, CR PRPI caught by the hotbox detector, switcher set does some work, crew change, all sorts of freights, CR & some NS, UP, SP, CSX power, 3-29 & 31/96.

#51 MUNCIE, IN, CONRAIL MID 90s: See many CR & NS freights around the Muncie area, new SP unit, UP, LMS power, NS’s newer GEs & CR’s newer units at the time, Triple Crown, 4 & 5/96.

#52 ALL NORFOLK SOUTHERN EAST CENTRAL IN MID 90s: We take a look at all NS freights in the towns of Muncie, New Castle, Hagerstown, & Richmond, IN, new GEs, Triple Crowns, WC F45 & AC power, Stacks, TOFCs, Auto Racks, Sulphur, Grain, etc., 5 & 6/96.

S#53 RR ACTION & RR DAYS AT DURAND, MI & PM 1225 STEAM, 1996: Spend time at Durand RR Days, with some GT/CN, VIA, action, along with Pere Marquette 1225 Steam, train show, Corunna & Owosso, MI areas, & some shots at NS’s Muncie East Yards, 5/96.

S#54 KY CENTRAL STEAM SPECIAL 1993: We ride behind the KY Central 11 2-6-2 Steamer from Paris to Marysville, KY. R. Baker Amateur Tape.

S#55 LOGANSPORT, IN IRON HORSE FEST, C&O 2716 STEAM & TP&W F7; CONRAIL CLEANUP, WINCHESTER, IN, 1996: Showing steam action of C&O 2716 2-8-4 with TPW 1500 F7 to Burnettsville, IN & back. Coverage of CR BUIN derailment, cleanup, first trains through repaired area, RJ Corman wreck equip., 12/96.

C#56 ALGOLMA CENTRAL TRIP CANADA/CONRAIL AVON YARD 1990s: Take a ride on AC from Sault Ste. Marie to Hearst, Ontario, Canada, FP7s & great scenery, cab ride on Ontario Northland. Then we see some CR at E Tower in Avon Yard, 1990s.

S#57 N&W 1218 ALL STEAM: All steam shots of N&W 1218 by R. Baker (Amateur Video), Bellevue, OH & on board train, 1990s.

S#58 STEAM N&W 1218 & 611/HUCKLEBERRY RR: N&W Steam in OH & on board to Portsmouth, OH, & DRGW 464 in Flint, MI. 611 filmed by Keith Lehman in East Central IN, 1990s.

S#59 CLINTON & BUSH CAMPAIGN/CONRAIL/CIRCUS TRAINS/N&W 611 1990s: See Clinton & Bush pres. campaign trains, CR, & Circus Trains Sandusky & Huron, OH, 611 steam Norwalk, OH, NKP 587 Bellevue, OH, AMT Turbo Findlay, OH, TL&W, CR & NS Erie, PA, GE deadlines- by R. Baker- Amateur video, 1990s.

S#60 TENNESSEE VALLEY, CHATTANOOGA, STEAM CAB RIDES VOL. 1, 1997: Features 2-8-0 610 cab ride, SOU 4501, Missionary Ridge tunnel, Grand Jct. depot, L&N u25B, C of G 4-4-0, L&A 4-6-0, WA-TVA 8021 ALCO, H&S 913 ALCO, WAB cab., downtown arrow, 6/97.

S#61 TENNESSEE VALLEY CHATTANOOGA, TN STEAM VOL. 2 1997: We continue with Vol. 2 with a train ride on Downtown arrow with GP7L 1829, to Chattanooga & back to Grand Jct. Missionary Ridge tunnel, with a few odd scenes. Also 2-8-0 610 Steam action, 6/97.

S#62- NKP 587 – MONON FP7 96 – ITM TRAIN RIDE ‘98: Take a trip with NKP 587 Steam & Monon FP7 96 to Cicero, IN & back, run-bys of the same engines, IN Transportation Museum shots, with MON 50 & more, 5/98.

S/C#63 CAB RIDES- NKP 587, MON FP7 83, & ITM TROLLEY, 1998: Indiana Transportation Museum- take a few cab rides on NKP 587 Steam & MON FP7 83 from Noblesville, IN to Fishers & back, also an ITM trolley ride, & run-bys, 5/98.

#64 BNSF AT GALESBURG, IL, 1998, VOL.1: See on the ex-CB&Q/BN all early BNSF with lightly marked & new BNSF paint on many units. Some BN, ATSF, Warbonnet units, as BNSF is new. Also some new EMDs, GEs, SD75MACs, & some lease units, C44-9s, & more, 6/98.

S#65 BNSF AT GALESBURG, IL, WITH RR DAYS, VOL. 2, 1998: See MILW S3 261, ex-CB&Q/BN now BNSF yards on Metra, CB&Q Nebraska Zephyr, interior of EMD E5, AMT GE P42DC & cars, & AMT 5 & 6 CA Zephyrs, more trains, SD9s switching, CB&Q cab., RPO, 3006 Hudson at Galesburg Museum, 6/98.

#66 BNSF AT GALESBURG, IL, VOL. 3, 1998: We continue at Galesburg, IL, at the ex-CB&Q/BN now BNSF yards, with BN SD9s switching, Nebraska Zephyr, new SD75MACS on a GT/CN train, various other trains, & more switching, 6/98.

#67 CONRAIL, CSX, NS, I&O ACTION CINCINNATI, OH Late ‘90s: See a lot of various train action of CSX, CR, NS, I&O, Triple Crown, North of Cinci., near CSX Queesgate Yards, 7/98. NOTE:  this title has been remastered & renamed WINTON PLACE ACTION WITH CSX, NS, CR, & I&O (1998), & is now part of our Featured Series.  Supplies of older title will still be available until supplies run out.

#68 CINCINNATI UNION TERMIAL WITH SOME CSX & NS 1998: Take a tour of CUT’s inside and out restoration work, and see some CSX & NS action from the 5th floor of Tower A. Also some intermodal cranes at work, switching, arrivals and departures, 7/98.

S#69 CONRAIL IU TOWER & UNION STATION, INDIANAPOLIS, IN, 1998: We see NKP 587 Steam excursion past IU Tower & Union Station, some CR transfers, new SD70MACs & SD80MACs, some CSX GEs on the wye, it’s still CR, not quite yet CSX territory.

#70 CONRAIL & NS MUNCIE, IN LATE ‘90s VOL. 1: Watch many freights of CR & NS at this busy junction. See SD80MACs, SD70MACs, SD701s, Wide cab GEs on CR & NS. New diamond being installed by CR crew, 9 & 10/98.

#71 CONRAIL & NS MUNCIE, IN LATE 90s VOL. 2: See more of CR & NS at this crossing, with a lot of freights of various kinds, w/ the latest power. Also some leased Amtrak F40s followed out to NS East Yard, 9 & 10/98.

#72 CONRAIL, CSX, & NS MUNCIE, IN BEFORE & AFTER THE SPLIT-UP LATE 1998-1999: Here we take a look at CR before the ultimate split-up between CSX & NS in Oct ’98 & April ‘99, then the aftermath on June 4, ’99. Lots of motive power including run-through’s on CR/CSX.

#73 NS HUGO JUNCTION FT. WAYNE, IN ’98-’99: Here is a busy junction between NS’s ex-LE&W/NKP & WAB junction SW of Ft. Wayne, with a lot of various types of freight action, with older and new locomotives, 12/98 & 3/99.

#74 CSX & NS MUNCIE, IN 1999: Now after the CR split-up between CSX & NS, we see CSX operating on the ex-CR through Muncie with NS, with a lot of freights of all types, new and older power, but we still see CR motive power mixed in with NS freights as well, 7/99.

#75 CONRAIL & NS AT ALEXANDRIA, IN NEW CONNECTION & SOME FREIGHTS 1998-99: See the start of the new NS connection to be built by CR & NS, onto the work being done on this new NS connection, from surveys to new signals being lit. Also see freights like 144, 19K, & 143, 8/98 & 6/99.

#76 NS AT NE TOWER FT. WAYNE, IN 1999: This busy junction of the ex-NKP & WAB & ex-NS Chicago Line, with many variety of freights, Triple Crowns, TOFC, etc., CR, NS, & lease units, CP run-throughs 38 & 39K. Some shots of NS East Wayne Engine Terminal, 8/99.

#77 CSX DESHLER, OH JUNCTION 2000: Here we are at Deshler, OH showing a wide variety of CSX freights where 2 ex-B&O lines- Toledo & Chicago Divisions cross, & new double track Main. CR, CSX, & lease units, new GEs, some footage of depot, tower, & tracks, 3/00.

#78 INDIANA & OH RR TRIP -EX-DT&I SPRINGFIELD to LIMA, OH 2000 VOL. 1: Take a ride on the I&O’s ex-DT&I on a passenger train with I&O 4030 GP40, with High Bridge footage at Quincy, OH, & pass freight train 258 at Uniopolis, OH, 6/00.

#79 I&O RR TRIP SPRINGFIELD TO LIMA, OH (WITH CSX) 2000 VOL. 2: Continue on the same I&O trip, on ex-DT&I into Lima, turning of the train, & back. Some DT&I box cars are seen, we also follow the train by car, & catch I&O freight w/ an SD40 & GP40, then NKP 779 steam engine, NKP 1091 caboose, & NKP 5 business car on display, then shoot a few CSX trains at Lima & Quincy, 6/00.

#80 CSX & NS HAMILTON, OH JUNCTION 2000: Here at the ex-PRR/NS & ex-B&O/CSX junction showing new directional operation- both now run all SBs on NS & all NBs on CSX. Many freights in action, 6/00.

C#81 CSX TOLEDO BRANCH & BEE LINE CAB RIDE/AVON YARD ACTION 2002: Take a cab ride on CSX Q13216 stack from Ridgeway to Toledo, OH, meet a few trains along the way, some Avon Yard action while on train Q30826, 5/02.

C#82 CN DETOUR TRAIN ON CSX WALBRIDGE TO RIDGEWAY, OH- TOLEDO BR. TO BEE LINE, 2002: Cab ride on train Z97930 on CSX, with CN units 2597 & 2533 944CWs, with the Toledo Branch & some on the BEE LINE, 6/02.

C#83 CSX ST. LOUIS LINE, ILLINOIS & INDIANA CAB RIDES, 2002: Take another cab ride on CSX Q37709 then on Q23410 in Terre Haute & St. Elmo, IN areas, ex-PRR track, 6/02.

#84 CN/WC/ALGOMA CENTRAL AGAWA CANYON CAN./BRANSON SCENIC RR TRIPS, 2004-05: First we take a passenger train trip on from Sault Ste. Marie, MI to Agawa Canyon Park & Montreal Falls, Canada, with CN 9530 & 9461 GP40-2Ls, with Montreal River Trestle in ’04. Then a trip on Branson Scenic on AR & MO in ’05, in MO & AR, ghost towns, tunnels, & more with GP30m 99 & F9 98 on ex-MP/UP line.

#85 UP & BNSF ROCHELLE, IL. DOUBLE DIAMONDS, 2004, VOL. 1: Many trains are seen in this video, with locals, old& new motive power, BNSF, UP, BN, ATSF, UP, CNW, CSX, & CN power, 6/04.

#86 UP & BNSF ROCHELLE, IL/CSX & NS MUNCIE, IN, 2004, VOL. 2 (WITH NS & CSX ACTION AT MUNCIE, IN): First we see a lot of different types of train action at Rochelle, IL at the double diamonds, with similar road power a in #85 with lease units, then we head to IN & film NS, CSX, & Triple Crown action, 6/04.

C#87 CSX INDIANA-BEE LINE CAB RIDE 2004 VOL. 1: Cab ride on CSX Q13215 Stack, -Indianapolis, Lawrence, McCordsville, Fortville, Ingals, Pendleton, Anderson, Chesterfield, Daleville, Yorktown, Muncie, Selma, & Parker City, IN. UP SD40-2 3373 & UP 8-40B 1819, 6/04.

C#88 CSX INDIANA-BEE LINE CAB RIDE 2004 (WITH CAB RIDE ON TOLEDO BRANCH & BEE LINE) VOL. 2: Continue on train Q13215, through IN- Farmland, Winchester, Union City, & in OH- Union City, Ansonia, Dawn, Versailles, & Sidney. Then cab ride on Tol. Branch & BEE Line, on Auto Rack Train Q23115- Toledo, Ridgeway, Pemberton, with 8-40CWs CSX 7776 & CSX/CR 7386, 6 & 8/04.

C#89 CSX CAB RIDE, OHIO BEE LINE & TOLEDO BRANCH, 2005: Cab ride on CSX mix freight Q30821 on SD40-2s CSX 8828 & CEFX 3104, through Sidney, Quincy, De Graph, Bellefontaine, Rush Sylvania, Big Springs. Then onto Ridgeway & onto the Toledo Br., through Kenton, Dunkirk, Arlington, Findlay, BG, Lime City, & Oregon Rd. Lots of snow to go through, 1/05.

#90 CSX AVON EX-NYC/PC/CR BIG 4 YARD ACTION, 2006, VOL. 1: In this ex-NYC/PC Yard that opened in 1961, we see lots of yard action- hump work, through trains arriving for fuel/crew changes, engine house action, geometry inspection train, Herzog ballast train, Tower 1, 10/06.

#91 CSX AVON EX-NYC/PC/CR BIG 4 YARD ACTION, 2006, VOL. 2: We see more of this yard’s action, Tower 1, now under CSX control, with some pullers, engine house action, main line trains arriving/departing, geometry train, trains pulling into yard, & more, 10/06.

#92 CSX AVON EX-NYC/PC/CR BIG 4 YARD ACTION, 2006, VOL. 3: The last of this yard series, see pullers, road power around the engine house, more main line trains, new GEs, balloon track power, freights into yard, hump power, van cranes, & inside Tower 1 again, many freights, 10/06.

#93 CSX & NS, MARION, OH ACTION, DOUBLE-DOUBLE DIAMONDS, 2006, VOL. 1: At Marion, OH freights on ex-EL/NYC/PC Cleveland-Indianapolis, IN Line, C&O Toledo-Columbus Line- now CSX; & PRR Sandusky-Columbus Line- now NS, shots of ex-EL now CSX Yard, 10/06.

#94 CSX & NS, MARION, OH ACTION, DOUBLE-DOUBLE DIAMONDS, 2006, VOL. 2: We continue from Vol. 1 showing more action at this busy site, with a lot of different freights from both CSX& NS, some UP SD50s, new GE & EMDs, War bonnet, & more, 10/06.

#95 CSX JUNCTION DESHLER, OH 2006/2007: We take a look at CSX crossing of two B&O lines- Cincinnati to Toledo Line & the Chicago to Willard Line. CSX, lease, & different road units, a lot of various freights. We were here in Title #77 previously. 10/06 & 3/07.

#96 CSX & NS MUNCIE, IN 2007/2008 VOL. 1: Spend some time at Muncie watching many freights of both roads, new & older GEs & EMDs, NS’s F9s on Special, restored C&O Depot, ex-C&O ROW, NS & CSX running about equal trains, 10/07 & 12/08.

#97 CSX & NS MUNCIE, IN 2008 VOL. 2: Continuing from Vol. 1, with more CSX & NS newer power, NS running pattern of split at 6th St.-trains go NE to Ft. Wayne, or NW to Elkhart on ex-NYC/PC/CR, or West on ex-NKP to Lafayette. Large & Local trains, 3,11,12/08.

#98 CSX & AMTRAK FOLKSTON, GA FUNNEL 2009: Folkston, GA-located N. of Jacksonville, FL, funnel for traffic in/out of FL. See CSX & AMT Auto Train, Silver Meteor, & Silver Star, new GEs & rebuilds, ACs, MACs, coal, stone, container, stack, mix, & Tropicana trains, 5/09.

S#99 NKP 765 STEAM NW INDIANA 2009: We’re at North Judson & La Crosse, IN showing run-bys of a push-pull of NKP 765 & Ohio Central F40 452, North Judson Museum shots, shortline C&O lSD18, CR SW9, GP20, EL S-1, C&O K4 2-8-4 locos, 5/09.

S#100 TRAIN FEST OWOSSO & DURAND, MI- SP DAYLIGHT 4449, NKP 765, & MISC. STEAM, 2009: Train ride & some run-bys, with Great Lakes Central & Little river RR units, Steam Institute with steam, live steam, then at Durand, MI some CN & Central MI trains switching, & Durand depot, 7/09.

S#101 STEAMTOWN SCRANTON, PA 2009 VOL. 1: We see CN 3254 2-8-2 Mikado on a trip to Nicholson, PA, short cab ride on CN 2317 4-6-2 Pacific, Red Arrow Phili Transit car 80, some engines such as NKP 517 GP9, NKP 759 Berk, RDG RS3 467, & more, 9/09.

S#102 STEAMTOWN SCRANTON, PA 2009 VOL. 2: Continue with CN steam 2317 action, static displays IC 790 2-8-0, CNJ work crane, roundhouse tour, viaducts at PA locations, back to Scranton- ex-DLW Depot, GVT ALCOs & NKP GP9 514 operating, & more displays, 9/09.

S#103 STEAMTOWN SCRANTON, PA 2009 VOL. 3: This final video of Steamtown, with a shop tour, restoration work, more of NKP unit on a running train, showing many run-bys, arrivals, & departures, more displays of ALCOs, steam, & RS-32 switching, & GVT equip., 9/09.

S#104 RR MUSEUM OF PA- STRASBURG, & RR MEMORIAL MUSEUM- ALTOONA, PA, 2009: See many displays at both museums on this video, showing static displays, a lot of locomotives of steam, GG-1, E-7, GP9, CR GP30, dining car, PRR FD2 flat, some of NS passing by, & more, 9/09.

#105 AMTRAK & NS HORSESHOE CURVE, PA 2009: Trip to PA at well-known sites. See a lot of freights with modern units, helpers, CSX, UP, BNSF power, many older CR units still in blue, AMT P40s on the Pennsylvanian, shots around the curve, 9/09.

#106 AMTRAK & NS AT CRESSON, GALLITZIN, HORSESHOE CURVE, & ALTOONA, PA, 2009: Take another trip back in Oct. to these great ex-PRR/PC/CR places to see many different trains in action, see the helper station at Cresson, static PRR cabooses, tunnel action, the curve, & at Altoona, 10/09.

#107 FLORIDA EAST COAST IN FLORIDA/NS & CSX GEORGIA & INDIANA, 2010: See FEC at Daytona Beach-Holly Hill, FL, SD70Ms, & several locals with GP40-2s. At Dalton, GA see various CSX & NS trains, BNSF pusher. Then CSX & NS at Muncie, IN with many freights, 1/10.

#108 CSX & NS MUNCIE, IN 2010: At Muncie we see CSX & NS- gon, TOFCs, FRA Inspection car, grain trains, Triple Crown, mix, locals, & more. Older & newer power- SD60, GP38-2, GP40-2, SD50s, AC6000, ES44DC, 8-40CW, Op. Lifesaver, BNSF & CR units, & more, 2/10.

#109 NORFOLK SOUTHERN WABASH, IN JCT 2010: See NS on the ex-NYC Anderson to Elkhart Line, & ex-WAB Ft. Wayne to St. Louis Line. Also ex-WAB depot, Big 4 cut, new connection, SD50s, 60s & 70s, SD70Ms, & -2s, CR units, Triple Crowns, various freight types, 3/10.

#110 NORFOLK SOUTHERN LOCAL ACTION EAST CENTRAL IN 2010: We follow NS Locals L80/L83 running in Redkey & Portland, switching industries, crew change, with BC RAIL 4614- 8-40CME & CN 8858- SD70M-2 power, 4/10.

#111 CSX & NS BEREA, OH ACTION 2010: We see a lot of NS & CSX action taking place, with new track arrangement post the CR split, Lake shore Lines is now NS, & Big 4 Lines are CSX. Latest EMD & GE power, some CR blue units yet, 4/10.

#112 CSX AT TERRE HAUTE, IN 2010: At Terre Haute to see some CSX action, where now the diamonds were removed after the CR split, the CE&I main will become a CSX Chicago main, Also scenes at Linden showing the ex-Monon, & Frankfort showing the NS yard, 6/10.

C#113 ROYAL GORGE RR CAB RIDE 2010: Take a cab ride on the ex-DRGW line through the Rockies & Canon City, CO on F7A 403 & with F7B 1503, & an incline ride to bottom of the Gorge, & spectacular scenery, 10/10.

S#114 DURANGO & SILVERTON NARROW GAUGE 2010 VOL. 1: We see the Durango museum. Shops, yards, tracks, & equipment such as steam, cabooses, etc. Also see some action of steamer 481 at Hermosa & Durango, some switching, & a train ride with 481 & 482, 10/10.

S#115 DURANGO & SILVERTON NARROW GAUGE 2010 VOL 2: We continue with Vol. 2 on the train trip to Silverton, CO & back, with engines 481 & 482, with some great scenery, & also pace the train, 10/10.

#116 COLORADO SHORT RR SUBJECTS WITH TRAIN RIDES 2010: See Royal Gorge Park & take a train ride, & see great scenery. On the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Ry., see facilities, locos, yards, depots, shops, engine house, coaling tower & other equipment. Next is Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge at Durango & Silverton, CO. Also several sequences of 481 pacing, & a train ride, 10/10.

#117 CSX & NS AT FOSTORIA, OH 2010 VOL. 1: See the ex- C&O, B&O, & NKP/N&W Lines, & F Tower from the park, before the new stand. Various trains, locals, & transfers, modern GEs & EMDs, rebuilt GP4O-2s. With three double track main lines crossing, three yards, & Ford’s Auto Mixing Center close by, there is always something moving, 11/10.

#118 CSX & NS AT FOSTORIA, OH 2010 & 2011 VOL. 2: We continue from Vol. 1 showing more trains of different varieties at the park, the ex-B&O now CSX depot parking lot, & several other locations. Many main line, Locals, & Transfers, with modern GE & EMDs of the time, 11/10, 1/11.

#119 CSX & NS MUNCIE, INDIANA ACTION 2011 VOL. 1: See the latest power on CSX & NS, with BNSF & UP units. See new CSX trains, CR units, & ATSF Warbonnets. See CSX Q132 & Q108, windmill train, many GEVOs & SD7OMACs, Triple Crowns on NS, & more, 1 & 2/11.

#120 CSX & NS MUNCIE, IN 2005-06/2008-11: (From the camera of B. Jetmore)- Geometry Train, Triple Crown, shots at Whitewater Valley RR Museum Metamora, IN. NKP 765 steam test runs at Ft. Wayne. CSX’s Q106 stack with KCS, NS L80 local at Albany & Dunkirk, & windmill train at Muncie, 2005-06, 2008-11.

#121 CSX & NS MUNCIE, INDIANA AREA 2009-11: (From the camera of B. Jetmore) See the latest GE & EMD units on merchandise, Triple Crowns, double stacks, & Locals. Also Q131, Q132, Q106, Q107, & a complete windmill, 2009-11.

#122 CSX & NS EAST CENTRAL IN 2008-11: (From the camera of B. Jetmore) At Albany, Portland, Redkey, & Dunkirk, IN see switching with different power- 7355 WE/GATX SD40-2, 5413 & 5391 WE/DRGW colors SD40T-2, B32-8s to Dash 9s, & SD70M-2s. Then more NS & CSX at Muncie, CSX Q106 stack with KCS power, then Q111 WB stack/TOFC, & Office Car Special on the ex-NKP, 2008-11.

#123 CSX & NS MUNCIE, IN 2011 VOL. 2: See the latest power, including some BNSF, UP, CR-painted, & ATSF Warbonnet units. CSX has been increasing traffic here, mixed types of trains, including Triple Crown. A lot of action here, 3 & 4/11.

#124 CSX & NS MUNCIE, IN 2011 VOL. 3: We continue with a lot more action at this site showing NS & CSX mixed type of traffic. Also more BNSF & UP, AC6000s, AC4400, GP38s, GO40-2s, GP50s, GP59s, SD40-2s, & GP30 slug, 5 & 6/11.

#125 SAGA OF EX-NKP/N&W NS MUNCIE, IN LINE 2011: An interesting story being followed showing an NS line that ran through Muncie to Arcadia, OH, possibly being put back into service after 4 years of stored spine cars on the line. See ex-CR/PC 3807 SD38, GP59, & GP50 each switching cars out, replacement of ties, crossing maint., rebuilding part of the line for ethanol plant near Portland, 3 & 8/11.

#126 CSX & NS MUNCIE, IN 2011 VOL. 4: A continuation of action at this location, with some BNSF, UP, CSX, & NS freights. New diamonds put in, see trains Q008, Q007, V818, with modern GEs & EMDs, 8/11.

#127 CSX & NS MUNCIE, IN 2011 VOL. 5: Another look of the latest power & trains from NS & CSX in this busy location. See GMTX SD60s, AC6000s, CSX, NS, & UP units, a variety of trains, including some work trains- geometry, Herzog ballast, & tie train, 9 & 10/11.

#128 NORFOLK SOUTHERN FT. WAYNE, IN 2011: Back at Ft. Wayne, we see NS action, where the ex-WAB & NKP crossed. See trains making set outs & pickups, run-throughs, Locals, etc., with latest GEs & EMDs, & UP, BNSF, & WLE units, 10 & 11/11.

C#129 CONRAIL MARION BRANCH CAB RIDE Winter 1998-99: Here we take a cab ride along with an ex-CR engineer, with a lot of snow, from Avon Big 4 Yard fuel pad in Indianapolis to Anderson, & Elkhart, to Anderson, IN & back, Winter 1999.

#130 CSX & NS MUNCIE, IN 2011 VOL. 6: We’re at Muncie to see more NS & CSX action, new locomotive assembly plant- Progress Rail/EMD, latest GE & EMD power, ES44AC, AC4400, Triple Crown, Mix, coal, and other trains, 11/11.

#131 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF THE MIDWEST (IL, OH, MI) Vol. 1: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), at places like Buckland, Delphos, Minster, OH; E. Lansing, MI; Dolton, Il; S. Charleston, OH, & other places, we see RJ CORMAN, IHRC, CSX, GT/CN, IHB, SOO, BN, CBW, CP, IC.

#132 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF THE MIDWEST (OH, IL, KY, IN) 1998 VOL. 2: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), see various freights in this edition: EJE, TPW, CSX, IC, KB&S, SP, CR at Crescent City, Watseka, Ashton, Kankakee, Dwight, Streator, IL; NS, RJ Corman, IHRC, CR, NS/NKP SD9, GT, CSX in Lima, Mortimer, Greenville, St. Mary’s, Celina, Bellevue, St. Paris, Maple Grove, Marion, Ridgeway, Quincy, Elgin, OH; ATSF, CR, P&L in Louisville, KY; L&I, NS in Warsaw, Sellersburg, Watson, Bluffton, IN, 10/98.

#133 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF THE MIDWEST (OH, IL, MI, IN) VOL. 3: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), more trains in more locations. See many freights: LNAC, Corydon scenic, CR, M&W in Muncie & Watson, IN; CSX, NS, CR, DTS, OC, RJ Corman, WLE, Great Miami, GT at Lima, Celina, Sugar creek, Crestline, Coshocton, Hamilton, Lodi, Enon, OH; CC, NS, CR, CSX, BN, SP, CN, AMT at Naperville, Munger, Troy, IL; GT, CM, VIA/AMT, at Durand & Owosso, MI.

#134 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF THE MIDWEST (WI, OH, IA) VOL. 4: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), we see Green Bay Mining, GB&W, & WC at Stiles Jct., Green Bay, WI; GT, CSX, NS at Leipsic & Lima, OH; GT, CSX, CC, BN, CNW, SOO, at E. Dubuque, Clinton, & Bettendorf, IA.

#135 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF THE MIDWEST (OH, IN, PA, VA)VOL. 5: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), we see Eastern Shore RR, CSX, AMT, Tropicana, AMT, CSX, RF&P- Cape Charles, Doswell, VA; CR, P&LE- W. Brownsville, Newill Hill, PA; CSX, CR- Sidney, Lima, Quincy, Findlay, OH; NS, IHRC- Bluffton, Bellevue, OH.

#136 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF THE MIDWEST (OH, KY, IN) VOL. 6: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), we see CSX, NS, CR, GT in various locations in OH- Hamilton, Wapakoneta, Sidney, Quincy, Cairo, Versailles, Ansonia, Lima, Erie Jct., Jackson Ctr., Van Wert, Celina, Coldwater, Botkins, Mt. Victory, Ridgeway, Marion, Willard, Mt. Orab, Pemberton, Bellevue, & Bluffton. Also Maysville, KY, & Ft. Wayne, IN.

#137 RJ CORMAN RR IN OHIO: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), see RJ Corman RR on ex-NKP/N&W Lima, OH to IN line, & on Minister Branch at St. Mary’s, extension of line at Minster, OH, GP9s, switching at Buckland & Celina, NS tank train, also at Portland, IN, & dinner train with F units.

#138 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF THE MIDWEST (OH, MI, IL) VOL. 7: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), see TSBY, D&M, NS, TPW, UP, CR, ABB, PPU, CSX, WLE, AMT, NS, RJ CORMAN, at places like Watseka, Barberton, Chattsworth, IL; Creston, Fostoria, Medina, OH; Bay City, Alma, MI, & more.

#139 RAILROADS OF OHIO & INDIANA (CR, NS, CSX, GT, I&O, AA, RJC): (Filmed by R. Kuhn), we see these roads & GT, RJ Corman, & GT, AMT Chessie power at various locations such as Wabash, Portland, IN, Toledo, Vickers, Breman, Lima, OH. Many freights, some passenger, Triple Crown.

#140 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF THE MIDWEST (IL, IN, IA) VOL. 8 2004: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), see many freights of BNSF, ICE, UP, CN, UP, NS, BNSF, AMT at places like Clinton, IA; Galesburg, Kewanee, Princeton, IL; Montpelier, Ft. Wayne, New Haven, IN, 2004.

#141 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF THE MIDWEST (OH, IN, MI) VOL. 9: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), see many freights of various RRs: CSX, WLE, CR- Willard, Shelby, Upper Sandusky, Lima, Cairo, Fostoria, Washington Court House, Newark, Ansonia, OH; Also NS, MILW, GT/CN, VIA, AMT- E. Lansing, Durand, MI; SOO/CP IHRC- Evansville, Bluffton, Plymouth, IN.

#142 VARIOUS FREIGHTS IN NORTHWEST OHIO, IN, & IL: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), we’re at NW OH & see many freights of CR, NS, CSX, GT- at Toledo, Alexis Tower, Maumee, Deshler, Leipsic, Lima, OH. Also Kankakee, Dwight, IL- CSX, UP, TPW, SOO/CP, IC, CR, ATSF, AMT, SP, & Indiana freights.

#143 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF THE MIDWEST (OH, IL, IN, PA, & MO) VOL. 10: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), see NS, UP, SP, CR, ATSF, BN, AMT, CHESSIE/CSX, CEW, CRI, AA, GT, TTI, RJ CORMAN, at places like Campsville, Godfrey, Allamont, IL; New Haven, Frankton, Kokomo, Marion, IN; Leipsic, Ridgeway, Deshler, Hamler, Eaton, Pemberton, Galatea, Ansonia, OH; Paris, KY, & MO, & IN locations.

#144 CONRAIL, CSX, GT, RJ CORMAN IN OHIO: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), on this video we see these roads in locations of St. Mary’s, Alliance, Toledo, Vickers, OH, some of RJ Corman doing track work. A lot of freights.

#145 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF OHIO & INDIANA VOL. 1: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), many freights of CR, NS, CSX, CP, WLE, SOO, in locations- Sidney, Lima, Willard, Galion, Marion, Celina, Cairo, Chatfield, OH, & Mitchell, Bedford, Porter, Burns Harbor, Orleans, IN, etc.

#146 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF OHIO & INDIANA VOL. 2: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), more freights of NS, CSX, I&E, RJ CORMAN, Triple Crown, & CP & BNSF units, in cities Kenton, Bellefountaine, Montpelier, OH, & Butler, Chappell, Wabash, Alexandria, IN & more, 2004/06.

S#147 FREIGHTS OF OHIO & ILLINOIS: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), see CR, CSX, NS, WLE, NKP 765 Steam, SOO, TPW, UP, SP, AMT in various towns like Toledo, Bucyrus, Crestline, Greenwich, Lykins, OH, & Watseka, Kankakee, Dwight, IL, & more.

#148 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF OHIO & INDIANA VOL. 3: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), see again many freights of CSX, I&O, NS, WLE, GT, SOO in places like Oak Harbor, Attica, Marion, Hamler, Lima, Wellington, OH, & St. Joe, Claypool, Ft. Wayne, IN, & more, 2001/2004.

#149 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF OHIO & INDIANA VOL. 4: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), we film more freights of CR, CSX, NS, RJ CORMAN, OC, SOO, INRD, IS, AWS at places such as Washington Ct. House, Newark, Columbus, OH, & Bluffton, Evansville, Oakland City, IN, & more.

#150 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF OHIO & INDIANA VOL. 5: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), see freights of CSX, NS, AMT, BNSF, UP, CP, RJ CORMAN, at places like Galion, Crestline, Marion, Convoy, Lima, Ridgeway, St. Mary’s, OH & South Bend, IN, & more, 2006.

#151 CONRAIL, CSX, NS OF OHIO & INDIANA: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), see these 3 roads in various locations such as- Galion, Crestline, Greenwich, Cridersville, Bellevue, Hamler, Celina, Galatea, Lima, OH, & Muncie, Montpelier, Amboy, Seymour, IN, & more, 5, 6, 11/99, 6/02.

#152 CONRAIL, CSX, NS OF OHIO: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), see freights of these RRs in various parts in OH, such as- Fostoria, Lima, Celina, Bucyrus, Toledo, Ft. Recovery, Lykins, etc. Also see WLE, RJ CORMAN, units of BN, GT, WC, B&O, CHESSIE, ACL, & more.

#153 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF THE MIDWEST (OH, IL, IA, IN) VOL. 11: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), we see CR, CSX, AMT, Triple Crown, I&O, ICE, BNSF, C&E at different areas- Sherwood, Sidney, Quincy, OH; Butler, Monroeville, IN; Savannah, Lanark, IL; E. Dubuque, IA, & more.

#154 RAILROADS OF OHIO & IOWA: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), we see roads such as CSX, WLE, I&O, BNSF, IC/CN, UP at various locations- Deshler, Brewster, Spencer, Upper Sandusky, Hamler, Seville, Sterling, OH; E. Dubuque, IA, & more.

S#155 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF THE MIDWEST (OH, IL, IN) VOL. 12: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), see action of NS, GT, IHRC, CN, RJ CORMAN, CR, TRIPLE CROWN, CNW, UP, BN, SP, IC, TPW, AMT, N&W J 611 Steam, at places like- Lima, Celina, Wapakoneta, Deshler, OH; Wellsboro, La Porte, Ft. Wayne, IN; Streator, Gilman, IL, & others.

#156 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF OHIO & INDIANA VOL. 6: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), see in these states CR, P&LE, CSX/CHESSIE, SOO, UP, NS, TRIPLE CROWN, ACL in places like Mitchel, Orleans, Seymour, IN; Struthers, Crestline, Botkins, Celina, Lima, OH, & more.

#157 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF THE MIDWEST (OH, IL, IN) VOL. 13: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), we see AMT, SOO, ATSF, METRA, SP, CSX, NS, CP/SPP, at sites such as- Porter, IN; Joliet, Danville, IL; Ft. Shawnee, Leipsic, Sidney, Lima, Quincy, OH, & others.

#158 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF THE MIDWEST (OH, IL, IN, IA) VOL. 14: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), see CSX/CHESSIE/L&N, CNW, BN, SOO, CC, BNSF, UP, AMT, SP, TPW, SOU, N&W, at places like Lima, St. Marys, OH; Streator, Pontiac, Rochelle, IL; SE IA; Bluffton, IN, & more.

#159 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF THE MIDWEST (OH, IL, IN) VOL. 15: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), see CSX/CHESSIE, CR, IC, GT, DE, NS, UP, SOO, RJ CORMAN, IHRC, TPW, AMT, UP, at places like Toledo, Jonestown, Celina, Cario, OH; Gilman, Chenoa, IL; Portland, IN, & more.

#160 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF OHIO & INDIANA VOL. 7: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), see CR, AMT, GT, NS, CSX, UP, BN, CNW, RJ CORMAN, at various locations such as- Delphos, Jackson Center, Minster, Kenton, Mortimer, OH; South Bend, Muncie, IN, & more.

#161 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF OHIO & INDIANA VOL. 8: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), we see CSX, NS, & WLE, CFE, Triple Crown, with some run-through power of UP, SP, BNSF, CP, etc. in locations like- Berea, Greenwich, Delphos, OH; & Wellsboro & Elkhart, IN, 2005.

#162 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF OHIO & WV 2005: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), see RJ CORMAN, CSX, NS, CFE, I&O, WLE in places like Spencerville, Fostoria, Deshler, Buckland, OH; Durbin, Greenbrier Valley Tourist RR in High Falls, Elkins, WV, etc.

#163 OHIO HOT SPOTS 2007 VOL. 1: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), see many different types of freights of CSX, WLE, NS, I&O, w/ many run-through units at places like- Bellefountaine, Lima, Oak Harbor, Greenwich, Crestline, Leipsic, Bellevue, & others.

#164 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF OHIO & INDIANA VOL. 9: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), see more of CONRAIL, CSX, Triple Crown, run-through units UP & GT, Pres. Bush Sr.’s trains, & more, at Kenton, Leipsic, Uniopolis, Hamler, Columbus; Redkey, Muncie, Alexandria, IN, & more.

#165 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF OHIO & INDIANA VOL. 10: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), see many freights of CSX/CHESSIE/SBD/L&N/ACL, NS, CR, DODX, I&O, Locals at places like Bloomingburg, Fostoria, Minster, Lima, Ridgeway, OH; & Ft. Wayne, IN.

#166 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF OHIO & INDIANA VOL. 11: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), we’re at places such as Ridgeway, Bellevue, Oak Harbor, Toledo, Elgin, OH; & Warren, IN, & see CSX, CR, AMT, GT, DE, NS, WLE, AA in action- some run-through power , & more.

#167 PENNSYLVANIA HOT SPOTS 2007: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), in PA we see NS, CSX, AMT, at famous places such as- Horseshoe Curve, Gallitzin, Cresson, Sand Patch Grade; see CSX at Cumberland, MD as well.

#168 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF THE MIDWEST (OH, IN, PA, MD) VOL. 16: (Filmed by Ron Kuhn), we see roads of CSX, NS, I&O with BNSF, Lease, SP at places of- Cumberland, MD; Princeton, Linton, Switz City, IN; & Mortimer, Glyndale, Ottawa, Marion, OH, & more.

#169 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF OHIO & INDIANA VOL. 12: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), at locations like Bellevue, Oak Harbor, Dunkirk, Upper Sandusky, OH; & Mt. Summitt, Hagerstown, Muncie, IN, etc. we see CSX, NS, I&O, RJ CORMAN, & WLE.

#170 INDIANA HOT SPOTS (WITH FOSTORIA, OH) 2006: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), were in IN towns like Wellsboro, Porter, MI City, Lafayette, & some shots at Fostoria, OH. See RRs of CSX, CN, NS, BNSF, AMT, run-through power, & more.

#171 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF OHIO & INDIANA 2005 VOL. 13: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), see CSX, I&O, CFE, OC, NS, some units of BNSF, UP, Lease, HLCX, SP, CEFX, etc. at places like- Linton, Terre Haute, IN; & Zanesville, Lima, Columbus, Leipsic, OH, & more.

#172 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF THE MIDWEST (OH, IN, MI) 2002/2004 VOL. 17: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), see CN, CSX, CP, CR, CFE, WAB. CENTRAL, I&O, NS at various locations like- Porter, Wellsboro, IN; Greenville, Lima, Eaton, Hamilton, OH; Lansing, MI, & more.

#173 SHORTLINES OF INDIANA & OHIO: (Filmed by R. Kuhn): see many shortlines like HCRC, IHRC, IN RR, ISRR, I&O, GEAT MIAMI, along with CSX, at places like Enon, Defiance, Harrison, OH City, OH; Terre Haute, Linton, Lawrenceburg, IN, & more.

#174 VARIOUS RAILRODS OF THE MIDWEST (OH, IL, IN) VOL. 18: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), at places like Ft. Wayne, Garrett, Waterloo, IN; Marion, Delaware, Findlay, Mansfield, Circleville, OH; Bushwell, Galesburg, IL, with CSX, CFE, OC, WLE, ASRY, P&W, BNSF, & AMT.

S#175 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF OHIO & INDIANA 2005 VOL. 14: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), we see NS, CSX, CFE, WLE, Triple Crown, NKP 765, at places such as Butler, Decatur, New Haven, Ft. Wayne, IN; New Washington, Van Wert, Chatfield, Attica, Caroline, OH, & more.

S#176 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF OHIO & INDIANA VOL. 15: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), see NS, CSX/CHESSIE/SBD, NKP 765 Steam, GT, CR, IHRC, RJ CORMAN, WLE, at Ft. Wayne, Logootee, Brownstown, IN; Lima, Quincy, Sidney, Bellevue, Fostoria, Delphos, OH, & others.

#177 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF THE MIDWEST (OH, IN, MI) VOL. 19: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), in this video we see GT, CSX, AMT, CR Triple Crown, AA, CP, VIA, at places like Lima, Leipsic, Cairo, Sidney, OH; Butler, Ft. Wayne, IN; Carrolton, Durand, E. Lansing, Vienna, MI, etc.

#178 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF THE MIDWEST (OH, IN, IL) VOL. 20: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), we see roads of SP, KBSR, CSX, CR, ABB, GT, NS, WLE, IHRC, etc. at places of Dwight, IL; Bluffton, Muncie, Logansport, IN; St. Johns, Quincy, Delphos, Lima, Bucyrus, OH, & more.

#179 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF THE MIDWEST (OH, IN, MO, KS) VOL. 21: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), take a trip to Lawson, Grandview, MO; KS City, KS; Muncie, Otterbein, IN; Marion, OH, etc., & see CSX, KCS, UP, BNSF, AMT, UP, NS, CSX Circus, KBSR, Triple Crown, etc.

S#180 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF THE MIDWEST (OH, IN, MI) VOL, 22: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), various CSX, NS, M&W, OC, Circus, N&W 611 & NKP 587 Steam, CR, GT, AMT, at- Williamsburg, Muncie, Richmond, IN; St. Johns, Coshocton, Sugar Creek, OH; Durand, MI, etc.

S#181 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF THE MIDWEST (MO, IL, IN, OH) VOL. 23: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), see NS, SOO/CP, GWRY, ATSF, BN, KCS, M&NA, EIRR, CR, GT/CN, N&W 611 Steam, etc. at Ft. Wayne, IN; Pleasant Hill, Roodhouse, IL; Louisiana, MO; Deshler, OH, etc.

#182 NORFOLK SOUTHERN & CN, CP SOUTH BEND, IN 2012: See many freights of these roads with modern EMD & GE units, some BNSF, BCR, & UP units, SD75is, C40-8MUs, & more, 3/12.

#183 CSX, NS, RJ CORMAN- IN INDIANA & OHIO 2012: See various freights, windmill train, NS President Train with F units, NS Muncie East Yards, Progress Rail new EMD units, GP16s, etc., at places like Muncie & Selma, IN, & Ft. Recovery & Coldwater, OH, 4/12.

#184 PRR & NYC CO. FILMS VINTAGE: Films from the 1940s & 50, B&W: PRR Series- Progress On Rails, Wheels Of Steel, Opening A New Frontier, Clear Tracks Ahead,. NYC Series- The Steam Loco., The Freight Yard, The Railroad Signal.

S#185 NKP STEAM ACTION AT IN TRANSPORTATION MUSEUM: See steam action of NKP 587 & MON  FP7, near Noblesville, IN, at the IN Transportation Museum.  See also a glimpse of the trolley, static equipment displays, & more.

S#186 GRAND RAPIDS & INDIANA (GR&I)/PRR/PC/CR LINE COVERAGE: See a slide presentation of the GR&I/PRR/PC/CR line by J. Winslow from Richmond, IN to Mackinaw City, MI, & more coverage of Decatur, Ft. Wayne, & Rome City, IN, & Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, & Petoskey, MI, 1995. Then see tracks, depots, & bridges at various IN towns along the way- 1988, 89, 95.

S#187 VARIOUS STEAM COVERAGE OF IN & MI: (Filmed by L. Lett), see various steam coverage, such as Little River RR, Hesston Museum, live steam, run-bys, festivals, displays, NKP 765, Little River 1, Oregon Lumber 7, etc., filmed mostly in various IN & MI areas, 2009, 2011.

S#188 STEAM EXCURSION RAILROADS: (Filmed by L. Lett), See various steam RRs- Durango & Silverton, Georgetown Loop, Steamtown, Strasburg RR, Little River RR, Great Lakes live steam, & more, 1998-2005.

C#189 DIESEL EXCURSION RAILROADS: (Filmed by L. Lett), See a variety of diesel locos in action & on display at- IN Transp. Museum, IL RY Museum, TLE&W, some cab rides such as on Lake Central & CK&S RRs, live steam with diesels, & more, 1999-2005.

C#190 CAB RIDES OF EXCURSION RRs: (Filmed by L. Lett), Take a few cab rides on such RRs as- Whitewater Valley, Monticello RY Museum, Lima engine, MLW FPA/B, 44-Tonner, in various IN locations, & more, 2009 & 2010.

#191 STREETCARS, SUBWAYS, TROLLEYS: (Filmed by L. Lett), Coverage of Toronto Transit Comm., Helton Country Radial Museum, Trolley Ville, USA, OH RY Museum, Shaker Heights LRVs, Rapid Transit, park train rides, & more, in IN, OH, & Canada, 1995-1997.

#192 RAILROADS IN OHIO & INDIANA SPOTS: (Filmed by L. Lett), See various freights such as NS, CP, PRR E8s, Indiana Northeastern, INE, & more at various IN & OH locations, 1994-2011.

C# 193 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF OHIO & INDIANA VOL.16: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), We see a variety of CSX, CN, RJ CORMAN, CFE, NS, at locations such as Wellsboro, IN; & Spencerville, Coldwater, Lima, Celina, OH, & more. Cab ride on a switch at Spencerville. 2012.

#194 CSX, NS, CP IN INDIANA 2012: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), See at Elkhart & Garrett, IN locals, various mainline freights, yard jobs, & more. Shot of NYC Museum, Garrett Model RR, 2012.

#195 KANSAS CITY-SANTA FE JUNCTION BNSF, UP, NS, KCS 2012: (filmed by R. Kuhn), A very busy area showing many freights running next to each other- coal, auto, mix, etc., GP30s to ACs, KS & MO locations, run-through power, & more, 2012.

#196 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF OHIO & MO (BNSF, KCS, NS, CSX, UP) 2012: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), See freights of these roads in locations like Independence, Neosha, Asbury, Joudon, MO; & New Lexington, W. Rushville, Duval, OH, & more, 2012.

S#197 ATTICA JUNCTION, OH ACTION- NS, CSX (NKP 765 & HRTG.) 2012: Catch some action at this busy point, with modern units & a variety of freights with NKP 765 steam & NKP heritage unit 8100 ES44AC. Back at Ft. Wayne, IN see the NKP locos again, 2012.

S#198 NORFOLK SOUTHERN EAST CENTRAL INDIANA 2012: We’re at Ft. Wayne, New Haven, East Wayne Yards in IN, to see some locals & main line freights, new GE & EMD power, & NKP 765 steam & NKP 8100 GE ES44AC preparing trip to Bellevue, OH, 7 & 8/12.

#199 CSX & NS DOUBLE-DOUBLE DIAMONDS 2012 MARION, OH: See many varieties of freights of these roads at this busy location, where the ex-EL, NYC/PC/CR, PRR/N&W, & C&O once occupied- now all NS & CSX, 7 & 8/12.

S#200 CSX & NS EAST CENTRAL INDIANA 2012 VOL. 1: We’re at Muncie & New Haven, IN to see many different freights on CSX & NS, SD60, newer GEs & EMDs, & more. Also see NKP 765 steam & NKP heritage GE again returning from Bellevue, OH trip, 8 & 9/12.

#201 CSX & NS EAST CENTRAL INDIANA 2012 VOL. 2: (Filmed by B. Jettmore), See various freights from these roads at Muncie, Albany, Redkey, IN & more. Grain, coal, mix, Triple Crown, run-through UP & BNSF units, etc., 10 & 12/12.

#202 CSX & NS EAST CENTRAL INDIANA 2012 VOL. 3: (Filmed by B. Jettmore), See more of various freights at Muncie, some KCS & BNSF run-through power, intermodals, Triple Crown, & other freights, 12/12.

#203 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF OHIO & INDIANA 2013 VOL. 1: (Filmed by R. Kuhn), we see at Waterloo, IN NS, AMT, CP, SOU Heritage unit, coal, stack, mix, & other trains. Bucyrus, OH see NS, PRR Heritage unit, & many freights, 8 & 9/13.

#204 CSX & NS HAMILTON, OH (& INRR IN INDIANA), 2014: (Filmed by R. Kuhn & Keith Lehman), see many various types of CSX & NS freights at this busy location of the ex-B&O & PRR, & the INRR in IN.  8 & 9/14.

S#205 CSX, NS, NKP 765 STEAM IN INDIANA (& C&O HERTG. MUSEUM), 2006/2013-14: (Filmed by R. Kuhn & Keith Lehman), see freights at Lafayette, Peru, & Clymers. NKP 765 steam running, then C&O Heritage Museum displays, 2006/2013-14.

S#206 VARIOUS RAILROADS OF ALABAMA (CSX, AMT, NS) 2014 VOL. 1: See freights of many kinds at places like Birmingham & Talladega, & CSX’s SE Chicago, IL to Tampa, FL. See also Frisco 2-8-2 steam display, 2/14.

#207 CSX & NS IN INDIANA & ALABAMA, 2014: Continuation of CSX, AMT, & NS at Talladega & Alpine, AL, then see freights at Muncie, IN with CSX & NS freights of many types, 2/14.

#208 WINDMILL TRAINS IN INDIANA 2014: On this video we see 3 windmill trains- CSX & Connersville & New Castle RR, at Connersville, covering train, truck, & finished sites, 6 through 10/14.

#209 CSX & NS FOSTORIA, OH 2014: See many freights on the ex-B&O, C&O, NKP/N&W- all now CSX & NS- taken from the new Iron Triangle Park stand. Auto racks, coal, stacks, TOFC, mix, etc., 9/14.

#210 CSX & NS OHIO HOTSPOTS 2014: We send time at Hamilton & Fostoria, OH filming many freights of different types, new EMD & GE units, Triple Crown, Locals, mix, coal, & more, 9/2014.

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The following DVDs vary in length, are all-color & some B&W, sound, with narration, length varies, vintage to modern titles [usually 1 in stock per title.  Please check back, for titles may change or be added at different times- or check our Webstore for more accurate updates (© Copyrighted Material 2014, 2015 Revelation Video/RM)]:

-PENN CENTRAL:  See the PC from it’s days of operation, showing many great scenes from back in the day.  8mm film transferred to DVD.  $20 EA or 2 for $35.

-AMTRAK 20:  See AMT during it’s early days to the 90s in operation, from the multi-colored equipment to the red, blue, & gray-silver.   $20 EA or 2 for $35.

-WEST END:  See the EL operating near Chicago and other areas along the route.  A must-have for EL fans.

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RAILROAD AUDIO CD PRODUCTS PRODUCED BY 1-WEST PRODUCTIONS™CD-R Audio, Original Sound, Stereo, Mins. Vary, With Track Descriptions, (© Copyrighted Material 2014, 2015 1-West Productions™/PJ for non-commercial home use only.)

NORFOLK SOUTHERN 1980s -N&W VOL. 12 AUDIO TRAIN RECORDINGS (1WPA-NSNW1980-V12):  All early NS railroad sounds, in true Panning Stereo. Hear older locomotive GE & EMD sounds, freight cars, classic horns, jointed rail, & more- in Audio CD Format to add to your imagination. Approx. 80 Mins.  $12 EA or 2 for $20

NORFOLK SOUTHERN- N&W 1980s, VOL. 11 AUDIO TRAIN RECORDINGS (1WPA-NSNW1980-V11):  Listen to a number of audio tracks of NS in 1987 as they move freight around the Bellevue, OH area.  Hear older GE & EMD locomotives moving freights in true Panning Stereo.  Approx. 45 Mins.  $12 EA or 2 for $20

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100% Guarantee for any defective product- we will replace any defective products with identical title (please first play product in different players to be sure it’s not the player. Defective product may be required to be returned to us before replacement is sent out).

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Vintage to Modern Railroad DVDs & Audio CDs